Event Management and Wireless Access Help IMI Cornelius

March 1, 2003
EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- HighJump Software, a provider of extended supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, announced that IMI Cornelius,

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- HighJump Software, a provider of extended supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, announced that IMI Cornelius, a leading supplier of beverage dispensing and cooling equipment, is leveraging HighJump's event management and wireless access solutions to achieve bottom-line results.

Event Advantage promotes proactive customer service and reduces costs by alerting managers and trading partners to supply chain events and exceptions. Wireless Advantage adds support for wireless personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other hand-held devices, making real-time access to event notifications and other key decision-making information a reality.

IMICornelius also operates Warehouse Advantage(R), HighJump's warehouse management solution. All three are components of Supply Chain Advantage(TM), HighJump's comprehensive set of seamlessly integrating SCE solutions.

IMI Cornelius manufactures and markets a broad line of post-mix beverage dispensing systems, beer dispensers, ice makers, juice and tea dispensers, frozen beverage dispensers and a line of accessories -- representing thousands of SKUs in their three distribution centers.

Wireless Advantage enables warehouse managers at the company to access information on inventory levels, order volumes, order status and performance metrics from wireless PDAs instead of desktop computers. When combined with Event Advantage, this visibility extends to include real-time notifications of events occurring, or about to occur, throughout the supply chain. This up-to-the-minute information sharing facilitates response to supply chain developments regardless of a manager's physical location in the facility.

After the successful implementation at the McAllen, Texas site, the value of real-time information and work control was immediately evident. IMI Cornelius decided to expand the functionality to the rest of its sites.

"The combination of Event Advantage and Wireless Advantage has improved our communication and decision-making processes tremendously -- with bottom-line benefits," said Denny Bjorklund, logistics and distribution manager, IMI Cornelius. "With the ability to receive PDA notifications of potential customer issues, such as late shipments or low inventory levels, we can react quickly to mitigate the risk of a delayed customer shipment. Because of this, we've reduced the costs associated with expedited shipments and strengthened customer loyalty with an improved ability to deliver on our promises."

"By deploying real-time business intelligence and event notifications to mobile managers, Wireless Advantage extends the reach of Event Advantage-and subsequently IMI Cornelius’ ability to make collaborative communication and inventory management a reality with measurable cost savings," said Chris Heim, president and CEO of HighJump Software.

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