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P7000 Line Matrix Printers

Aug. 26, 2005
IRVINE, Calif. Printronix Inc. (NASDAQ: PTNX), the leading integrated supply-chain printing solutions manufacturer, today introduced the P7000 line matrix
IRVINE, Calif. — Printronix Inc. (NASDAQ: PTNX), the leading integrated supply-chain printing solutions manufacturer, today introduced the P7000 line matrix family, which expands upon Printronix’s Leadership By Design corporate branding and product development initiative (See “Printronix Delivers Again On Leadership By Design Strategy “ news release.) The P7000 line matrix platform supersedes Printronix’s existing P5000 series. “The No. 1 reason our customers continue to select line matrix technology is reliability; no other technology delivers more trouble-free, high-volume printing than a Printronix line matrix printer,” said Andrew V. Scherz, Printronix’s line matrix product marketing director. “Printronix created the line matrix printing platform in 1974 with the introduction of the P300. Since then, Printronix has advanced product capabilities with each new generation — delivering a product that is higher in quality and more reliable than its predecessor. The P7000 platform, with a range of design refinements, carries forward this tradition. It’s the most reliable Printronix printer ever created. The result is more uptime, more mission critical dependability and lower service costs.”Lowest Cost of Printing Lowered: Ultra Capacity Ribbons
Printronix designed the P7000 series to be the most cost-efficient line matrix printing series available. The company invested significantly in the design and testing of new fabrics, ink formulations and constructions to develop new consumables. Suitable for both text and bar code applications, the new patented P7000 Ultra Capacity ribbon starts 20 percent darker and lasts three times longer than Printronix’s most popular 30 million character ribbons. With a 90 million character rated life, the number of printer interventions are significantly reduced. In addition to the labor savings from reduced consumable handling, the efficiency of this new design results in an even lower cost per page
Automatically Track Ribbon Life: Integrated Print Management System
Changing ribbons too frequently wastes money while changing them infrequently produces inconsistent or unusable output — and constantly monitoring the print quality manually is the biggest waste of all, Scherz points out. Without introducing any additional labor or set up, the new P7000 Integrated Printing Management System monitors and communicates ribbon life automatically. The system offers:
  • Automatic ribbon life tracking
  • Job control — Know when or if there is enough supplies for a given job
  • Print image quality control
  • Consumable usage tracking — The types and volumes of everything used
  • Remote visibility and control via PrintNet® Enterprise

P7000 vs. P5000 Feature Comparison
The following table lists all of the new features of the P7000 family that were not contained or possible in Printronix’s fifth-generation P5000 family.


New P7000

Lowest spares and service pricing

Up to 20%

Consumable life

Up to 300% longer

Lowest consumable cost

Up to 45% less

Image darkness

20% darker

Color-coded controls



Unicode support



Feature-level upgrades

Service call install

End-user install

Auto return platen stop



Maximum consumable life

50 million characters

90 million characters

Integrated Print Management System



Clamshell pedestal design



Top or rear paper exit standard – pedestal models




2” light duty

3” heavy duty

Configuration saving



Quick Setup menu



Pricing and Availability
The P7000 is available now for immediate order taking and delivery will begin July 22 in the Americas; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and most of Asia-Pacific. It is available internationally directly from Printronix or through Printronix’s resellers, distributors and systems integrators. Printronix has established the following U.S. pricing for each model within the P7000 series:

Model U.S. List Price
P7005 - $5,300
P7205 - $6,100
P7010 - $7,875
P7210 - $8,675
P7015 - $11,720
P7215 - $11,720
P7220 - $15,570

About Printronix Inc.
Since 1974, Printronix Inc. (NASDAQ: PTNX) has created innovative printing so
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Printronix extends its worldwide leadership in line matrix printing with the introduction of the sixth-generation P7000™ family. It represents the best line printer ever made and the ideal solution for high-volume, low-cost printing of mission-critical reports, forms and labels. Line matrix printing is Printronix’s flagship technology, and it remains the workhorse solution for supply-chain and back-office printing applications because of its reliability, lower cost of ownership and flexibility of printing applications.

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