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Eco-friendly Packaging Systems

Nov. 30, 2010
Ranpak offers two new environmentally sustainable packaging products under the Upak brand name: PAKIT for void fill applications and PADIT for added cushioning.

PAKIT, available in 200 or 1,000 linear-foot options, crumples paper as it dispenses through the top of a box. The 350 linear-foot Pack & Wrap two-in-one void fill system dispenses the same way, but also includes a smooth-paper dispenser for wrapping bottles or other objects. PAKIT and Pack & Wrap use Ranpak’s patented fan-folded paper and dispensing system that minimize the storage space required for packaging. Pack & Wrap also has as an easy-tear feature for wrapping applications.

PADIT cushion pack requires half the material of bubble wrap and is available in 12-inch wide by 13.5- and 25-foot rolls. It uses 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable paper but doesn’t lose air or burst.