Oct. 28, 2008
Los Angeles, CA Rehrig Pacific Company introduces the 40" x 48" HuskyLite Nestable SG Plastic Pallet. Demand for a pallet that would provide better storage

Los Angeles, CA – Rehrig Pacific Company introduces the 40" x 48" HuskyLite® Nestable SG Plastic Pallet. Demand for a pallet that would provide better storage and enhanced productivity, reliability and durability than anything currently available came from the supermarket, foodservice and retail distribution sectors.

"High pressure injection molding offers superior advantages in design and manufacturing compared to other manufacturing methods," said J.D. Coult, National Sales Manager for Rehrig Pacific's Material Handling Business Group. "With our custom engineered injection molding process we can produce complex geometric shapes, maintain precise tolerances, and reinforce specific areas of the pallet that receive the most abuse. For the Nestable SG Pallet, we use a proprietary blend of materials to improve impact resistance and overall strength. Using this combination of best process and new materials yielded a tougher nestable plastic pallet with additional load carrying capacity with no flowering. We believe the Nestable SG will last a full two to three years longer than comparable nestable pallets in the same supply chain."

Coult gave an example to show how pallets produced through other processes cannot match the high strength-to-weight ratio of the Nestable SG pallet. "Our Box Beam™ design gives the Rehrig Nestable SG Pallet stronger welds and greater rigidity. One client -- a major distribution center -- always doubled up their old pallets to carry heavy loads. They tested our product and found they need just one Rehrig Nestable SG Pallet for the same load. Our pallets carry heavier loads with no flowering, no breakage, greater impact resistance -- so handling is easier and safer than before. The result is superior performance in both automated and traditional distribution systems, higher productivity and substantial savings because you don't have to buy as many pallets per year."

Design enhancements to Rehrig Pacific's Nestable SG Plastic Pallet include highly beveled leading edges around the rim that allow easier entry by fork lift tynes into a stack of nested pallets. Large surface areas on the leg bottoms improve conveying. Eight ergonomically located handles have been added to accommodate hand stacking. Top decks are scuffed to reduce slippage, and a
better nesting ratio saves space in shipping, storage and back-hauling. Nesting leg options allow for seamless integration with nearly all nestable pallet inventories.

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