Product News

April 1, 2004
Includes Hoists & Cranes Spotlight


Grantry crane features a knock-down design that allows them to be disassembled for storage or transportation. The pinned connections make it possible for one person to set up and take down in minutes. The lightweight I-beam allows height adjustment without the need of hoist or lift truck. The corrosion-resistant aluminum is unaffected by weather or wet conditions. Two straps allow one person to transport the crane in one neat package. Vestil Mfg. Co.,, 800-348-0868.


VM vacuum-hoist lifter can handle most load surfaces of non- to semi-porous material, up to 550 lb. A compressed air venturi or electric vacuum pump provides suction for load holding; an electric chain hoist is used for lifting. The VM is ideal for repetitive production line use such as lifting and loading products into a box. Double rocker switches provide up/down hoist control; dual vacuum attach/release valves allow for left- or right-hand operator control. Anver Corp.,, 800-654-3500.


The CXT series wire rope hoist is available in capacities to 80 tons. It uses a large-diameter rope drum that reduces bending forces and improves rope life. It also minimizes horizontal hook travel during lowering for accurate load positioning. The integrated motor and inverter provide stepless speed control. Because the motor is inside the drum, it can operate closer to walls and lift its load higher. KCI Konecranes America,, 937-328-5133.


Polaris wire rope hoist features capacities to 5 tons, motor-mounted disc brake, heavy-duty motor drive and gear train arrangement, welded steel frame, aluminum gear case and cover. Available with single reeved or true vertical lift. Heat-treated hook rotates 360°. Columbus McKinnon Corp.,, 800-888-0985.


A new electric chain hoist is available in capacities from 275 to 4,400 lb. Two-speed hoist motors are standard; single fall chain reeving extends chain life. Other standard features include overload protection, upper and lower limit switches, built-in brake monitoring and elapsed-time counter for maintenance information. Demag Cranes and Components Corp.,, 440-248-2400.


MJ Series Travelift rubber-tire gantry (RTG) crane features a new gearbox that reduces moving parts, a new reeving system to increase cable life and a new traverse system with fewer wearable parts. Capacities range from 2 to 150 ton. The control console has tilt/telescoping steering wheel and adjustable armrests for operator comfort. A large side window improves visibility. Hydraulic filters and test ports are easily accessible. Mi-Jack Products Inc.,, 800-644-5225.


A new line of standard industrial single and double wire rope hoists features capacities from two to 50 tons. The line offers two lifting speeds with a 6:1 speed ratio, two trolley speeds with a 4:1 ratio, a DC-rectified magnet-actuated disc motor brake, TEFC motor with Class F insulation, a gear train with helical gears and pinions, two upper and one lower limit switches, an overload limit device, rope guide and a NEMA 12 control enclosure. EMH Inc.,, 330-220-8600.


This crane is used where overhead cranes are not practical or feasible. It gives 360° floor coverage about the pillar allowing unrestricted placement of machinery and equipment. A full line of accessories includes motorized rotation. It is available in base, column or sleeve mount, and tension and cantilever design. Caldwell Group Inc.,, 800-628-4263.


This portable hoist features an integrated variable frequency drive controller. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 2,000 lb, and can travel up to 110 ft. The hoist can be attached easily to existing I-beams using adjustable trolleys and can be equipped with motorized trolleys to provide horizontal and vertical movement. A non-rotating cable keeps loads from spinning while lifting or lowering. It is equipped with a push-button pendant and upper limit switch. Beta Max Inc.,, 800-233-5112.


Liftronic EASY is an electronic zero-gravity load balancer for manual load handling on assembly, packaging and production lines. An operator can lift a load with little effort and move it in any direction with ease, precision and safety. It reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries. The preassembled balancer can be mounted to the floor or attached to a rail system. Scaglia America Inc.,, 704-357-8811.


C-Series end truck uses Cleveland Tramrail wheels, pinions and gears for durability. Guide rollers on the drive end help extend life of drive wheels and pinions. The rollers provide alignment and protect the pinion shaft assembly and geared wheels from contact with track flange. Oversized yoke plate keeps channel frames and wheels parallel and square to track surface. Gorbel Inc.,, 800-821-0086.


The Chain and Sprocket dual-gate safety model is designed to secure the ledges of pallet drop areas. The two gates are interconnected so one gate is always in place to protect employees from the ledge. In addition, the gates can be power-operated via push-button stations or radio frequency controllers. Units consist of a front and rear gate, and a heavy- gauge post frame that is anchored to the mezzanine structure. When one gate is lifted up, allowing access to the workstation, the ledge gate automatically goes down, so that there is always a gate between the operator and the mezzanine ledge. Mezzanine Safeti-Gates Inc.,, 978-768-7593.


Conveyor platform Wedge-Lok system prevents damage to the conveyor end-drive and pulley by locking the pulley end from moving during a sharp impact. Other features include 1-in.-diameter end roller for small parts transfer; V-guided belts for tracking; quick belt changes; belt widths from 1.75 in. to 18 in.; 80-lb capacity; and belt speed of 255 fpm. Dorner Mfg. Corp.,, 800-397-8664.


Operator Positioning System offers a low profile (4.25 in. closed) and provides a direct one-to-one lift ratio. The systems can be surface mounted and incorporate a modular-designed, air-operated lift, and can be reconfigured for future production applications. Each system is adjustable to various elevations. The positioning system can provide a travel height up to 75 in. Options include handrails,operator gateways, risers, anti-fatigue matting, multiple lift controllers, perimeter toe kicks, pivoting ramps, special surface compositions, independent stairways, and hand or foot operation. Herkules Equipment Corp.,, 800-444-4351.


The Quad Dolly transports five-gallon pails, 30- or 55-gallon steel drums and LP tanks. The dolly has hard rubber or cast iron casters and can transport loads up to 1,200 lb. A 4-ft-long nylon pull strap aids in moving the dolly. T & S Equipment Co.,, 800-348-0860.


Model LTN1 electrohydraulic positioner eliminates repetitive bending, minimizing risk of operator injury and improving production. As it raises, it actually moves away from the operator during the tilting operation. Lift table is available in 2,500-, 4,000- and 6,000-lb capacities, with standard platform sizes to 48" x 60" with a 12"-high backstop. The platform has tilting capability to 45°. Other features include self-contained electrohydraulic power unit with enclosed non-ventilated motor, maintenance-free bearings and prewired NEMA 12 push-button and motor controls. Pentalift Equipment Corp.,, 519-763-3625.


Film sealing system conforms to uneven surfaces to provide a positive seal that eliminates fish tails and prevents unraveling during handling. The system focuses heated air on specific points for a secure seal. The flexible sealer is composed of eight independent seal blocks. The system eliminates film droop by sealing the film before the cutting and wiping process, and works in extreme temperature and humidity conditions. Lantech,, 800-866-0322.


High-speed vector laser coder produces high-resolution text, bar codes and graphic images as small as 0.020 in. high. The 30-watt system is capable of marking up to 1,000 characters per second at product delivery speeds up to 1,060 feet per minute. The coder has five different lenses and can mark areas from two in. to 7.8 in. square. It comes with its own controller and built-in 8.5-in. high-contrast display. Weber Marking Systems Inc.,, 800-843-4242.


These commercial rollers can reduce noise in gravity conveyor operations to help meet OSHA noise standards. The rollers have commercial bearings that are housed in nylon and are available in 1.90 in., 2.50 in, 3.15 in. and 3.50 in. Tubes are manufactured in a variety of material, including steel, stainless steel and PVC. The rollers feature hexagonal and round shafts and are available in fixed, spring-loaded, threaded or tapped end mounting. Interroll Corp.,, 800-830-9680.


RFID Kit produces labels and tags with RFID capability for a wide variety of applications, including asset tracking, anti-theft, factory automation, process control, industrial ID, health care and baggage tags. High-frequency chips embedded in the labels enable the CL408e and CL412e printers to simultaneously print on the label and program the chip inside the label. The kit allows these "smart labels" to be read even if the label is not in the reader’s line of vision. The information encoded in the label or tag can be changed throughout its lifetime. The RFID Kit consists of an interface card and transmitter module and currently works with chips that operate at high frequency (in the 13.56 MHz range). SATO America Inc., 704-644-1650.


Automatic drum palletizer also includes an optional five-gallon pail stacker. Drums and pails come by separate infeed conveyors; drums are palletized at a rate of up to six per minute, and pails up to 20 per minute. The palletizer can form multiple patterns and handle most drum sizes and types, including steel, plastic and fiber. Automatic pallet dispensing for various pallet styles and types is standard. The palletizer can be manufactured with controls for hazardous areas. Newcastle Co. Inc.,, 724-658-4516


ProSort models 131, 221 and 231 are designed to sort products and push them onto takeaway conveyor lines. Model 231 is a high-speed conveyor that sorts products at a 30° angle where close divert centers are required. It is available in five widths, right- or left-hand diverts. ProSort 221 sorts products at a 22° angle. Products are transorted on flight tubes; at a predetermined location, divert shoes move diagonally across the conveyor to push the product onto a takeaway line. ProSort 131 is designed for small items. Hytrol Conveyor Co. Inc.,, 870-974-5642


No-Stack is a three-dimensional anti-stack warning device that straps or tapes to the top of pallets. The easy-to-see international attention symbol warns against double-stacking shipments. The cone is easily crushed if stacked on, proof that your shipment was mishandled. It can help reduce damage claims and insurance costs. MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd.,, 800-441-6287.


The AC traction motor of the E45/65Z series of lift trucks provides superior torque, speed capabilities, reliability and thermal performance. The optional brushless AC hoist motor eliminates the need to service brushes, brush springs and motor commutators. The lift truck has a 4,500- to 6,500-lb capacity, soft-touch levers within the operator's natural reach, standard 36-volt or optional 48-volt electrical system. Its Extended Shift controller setting provides the optimum balance between performance needs and battery shift life. Hyster Co.,, 800-497-8371.


Roll-out shelves are an ideal way to store large, heavy, hard-to-maneuver items such as dies, molds, fixtures, spare parts and tooling. These shelves reduce the risk of back injury because you can roll out the shelf and have easy access to all items. The shelves are available in widths of 2 to 40 ft and depths up to 8 ft. Proper Storage Systems Inc.,, 800-516-0138.