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Yale Stand-Up Lift Trucks

April 14, 2010
Yale Materials Handling Corp. introduces the ESC030-040AC series of electric stand-up lift trucks.

The three-wheel lift trucks have lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds; dual-steer tires; hydraulic-actuated, rack-and pinion-steer axles; dual, independent AC drive motors with separate drive controllers; and load positioning capability that allows operators to control the truck’s position while working on an incline. AC transistor lift pump controls match pump speed with hydraulic flow requirements for increased efficiency, quieter operation and reduced maintenance, according to Yale.

Operator compartments feature padded floors with 3/4-inch-thick rubber mats, shock-absorbent isolated floor designs and a seven-inch step height.

Technicians can use the lift trucks’ multifunction control handles to perform diagnostics and set acceleration rate, top travel speed and hydraulic function speeds. The ESC030-040AC series features CANbus communications and battery gates on both sides of each truck.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.