Sept. 3, 2008
BUCHANAN, Mich. - Fapco Inc., the nations leading specialist in integrated parts flow management for over 30 years, is pleased to announce its Reddi-Crate

BUCHANAN, Mich. - Fapco Inc., the nation’s leading specialist in integrated parts flow management for over 30 years, is pleased to announce its Reddi-Crate packaging systems that replace costly, labor-intensive wooden crate systems when shipping lengthy parts. Reddi-Crate is a more affordable packaging solution for parts such as crankshafts, drive shafts, axles, hydraulic cylinders, tube housings and other hard-to-package, long parts that must be protected from damage during shipping. Unlike traditional tube packaging that is problematic because it cannot be safely stacked and collapses when the bands holding the pallet together are cut, Reddi-Crate is four-sided to easily stack and remain stable on pallets or skids.

Fapco is one of the few suppliers in the country with approval from automakers for Reddi-Crate. Reddi-Crate provides automotive and other OEM manufacturers a lighter-weight, easier-to-ship solution over fiber tubing and wooden crates.

Reddi-Crate is formed of tough, lightweight composite in two U-shaped pieces that interlock to form a double-walled superior seal to wooden crates or open-ended fiber tubes. A wooden block end cap can be stapled to each end of the Reddi-Crate to stiffen the structure and prevent heavier parts from shifting. The entire Reddi-Crate system is then stapled and wrapped with poly banding material to bond the two halves and protect shafts and longer parts from damage. Upon delivery, at the dealership or assembly facility, Fapco Reddi-Crate opens with just a pair of pliers and is far cleaner than tearing down a wooden crate. Unlike shipping with wood, Reddi-Crate does not have to be heat treated as some large manufacturers specify. Reddi-Crate is made of completely recyclable materials.

Wrap it Up with Fapco Reddi-Crate

Lighter and More Affordable—Reddi-Crate is lighter weight and less bulky than wooden crates making it more cost efficient to ship. Reddi-Crate is more affordable and less labor intensive to build than wooden crates.

Easier to Handle, Stack and Open—Unlike conventional shipping tubes, Reddi-Crate is stackable and won’t roll when bands are cut because it is square. Reddi-Crate can be loaded on skids to allow heavier parts or full pallets to be handled by a forklift. Unlike wooden crates or tubes that make it hard to access parts, Reddi-Crate opens easily with just a pair of pliers.

More Flexible in Fabrication—Reddi-Crate is easier to build than wooden crates and is more flexible when customizing solutions to prevent damaged parts. Reddi-Crate is also a lean solution because it is easier to fabricate than actually constructing various sized wooden crates or shipping boxes.

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