Quantronix CubiScan Systems

June 2, 2009
Even with shrinking budgets and capital expenditure freezes, you might be pleased to learn you can still acquire a cubing system that will fit your budget.

A number of options are available—from monthly payments that are less than $900 per month, to negotiated prices and terms (including used equipment)—that will enable you to collect, store and transfer valuable cube and weight data at a price you can afford.

With accurate cube information you will:
* Minimize shipping charges
* Reduce transportation costs (fuel and labor)
* Decrease the number of cartons needed for pick orders
* Lessen the amount and cost of packaging material needed to fill orders
* Minimize picking personnel
* Lower the number of “touches” in the picking and shipping process

For more information, please call CubiScan at 800-488-2823 and speak with one of our application specialists, or visit