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Konecranes Sway Control System

June 2, 2010
The DynAPilot sway control system calculates the optimal acceleration path using load height information and operator commands to detect and limit load sway.

Konecranes claims to maximize uptime and limit production delays by reducing the likelihood of load mishaps due to normal crane movements. The DynAPilot integrated electronic system allows crane operators to operate all motions simultaneously both in manual and automatic modes. According to Konecranes, the DynAPilot lowers the probability of grab collisions with walls and nearby equipment, protecting the load and reducing downtime and costs for repairs and clean-ups.

DynAPilot optimizes motor torque usage, lessening the burden on traveling motors and reducing stress on wire ropes, power cables, rope drums, crane structural components, crane runway, and brakes. The DynAPilot can be used for process and industrial cranes with trolley or bridge movements, in environments such as steel, aluminum, and copper facilities. DynAPilot is also compatible in the handling of heavy or fragile loads in general manufacturing, glass handling, paper mills, automotive manufacturing and assembly and the resources and energy sectors.