Maximus Series

Aug. 6, 2004
OCONOMOWOC, Wis. Today ORBIS Corp. introduced the 45 x 48 x 50 Maximus, the first in a series of bulk packaging products with side-loading capabilities

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. – Today ORBIS® Corp. introduced the 45” x 48” x 50” Maximus, the first in a series of bulk packaging products with side-loading capabilities to reduce employee strain, decrease walk time and optimize line-side space. Based on the standard automotive 45” x 48” AIAG footprint, it is used to move, store and ship automotive, appliance and recreational vehicle parts.

The Maximus is constructed of a high-density polyethylene base, plastic corrugated sidewalls, a steel frame and square or rectangular tube dunnage to create a cost effective bulk packaging solution. The base has an interlocking design for compatibility with similar bulk containers and pallet systems. Due to advanced engineering, the rugged Maximus can be manufactured and customized much more rapidly than traditional metal racks with pigeon hole dunnage, while exhibiting greater durability. As a result, using the Maximus eliminates thousands of dollars in dunnage tooling costs and significantly reduces prototype and manufacturing lead times.

During shipment, a heavy-duty vinyl roll-down tarp is in place to protect parts. The Maximus is delivered directly to the assembly line for immediate part delivery, with no unwrapping or unbanding. The vinyl tarp rolls securely to the top, for easy access to parts.

The interior tube dunnage, constructed of high-density polyethylene, creates sturdy packaging for long parts such as side body moldings, rack rails, pillar trim, spoilers, coils, springs and harnesses. The tube dunnage will be available in a variety of cell sizes to optimize part density. The Maximus offers:

- Reduced labor costs, with less handling
- Maximum part protection
- Flexible, cost-effective design to eliminate the tooling costs and long lead times associated with metal transport racks
- Improved ergonomics and worker safety
- Reduced transportation costs with AIAG footprint that efficiently maximizes 53’ trailers
- Long service life, with easy to repair and washable dunnage.
- Identification through screenprinting or labels

To respond to specific customer applications, the Maximus Series is available in a top load entry style and offers variations in footprint and/or height. Custom designs are available through the ORBIS engineering staff.

Plastic reusable packaging improves the flow of product all along the supply chain, to reduce costs. ORBIS Corp. uses proven expertise, industry-leading knowledge, innovation and superior products (containers, pallets and dunnage) to implement plastic reusable packaging systems. ORBIS helps world-class customers move their product faster, better, safer and more cost-effectively. To learn more about plastic reusable packaging, contact ORBIS at 888-307-2185 or visit us online at