Sept. 29, 2008
Eugene, Oregon Datalogic Scanning is pleased to announce immediate availability of the next generation Gryphon D432/D412 Plus general purpose 2D imager.

Eugene, Oregon – Datalogic Scanning is pleased to announce immediate availability of the next generation Gryphon™ D432/D412 Plus general purpose 2D imager. The new Gryphon 2D Plus imager enables better efficiency and user productivity at a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). The Gryphon 2D Plus is targeted for use in a wide range of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection) applications for which 2D barcodes are emerging as the preferred symbology.

Building on a Heritage of Product Excellence
“With its great ergonomics and high-throughput, the Gryphon 2D Plus imager is an ideal solution for retail, healthcare, banking, postal, government, and light industrial environments,” said Pietro Todescato, General Manager, Handheld Scanning Business Unit. “In addition to offering signature, image and document capture capabilities, the new Gryphon 2D Plus incorporates unique features found only in Datalogic products such as our patented ‘Green Spot’ for good-read feedback in noisy environments, and our efficient ‘five dot’ laser aiming system designed specifically for reading 2D codes. None of our competitors can offer equivalent product features.”

Outstanding Performance Reading Both 1D and 2D Codes
The Gryphon D432/D412 Plus imager combines faster, more powerful reading performance with easy and intuitive scanning from any angle. Customers are impressed with how quickly and easily this product reads the most common linear bar codes; stacked or composite symbologies like PDF417, the emerging GS1 DataBar™; the most popular 2D codes such as DataMatrix, MaxiCode, Aztec and QR-code; as well as many Postal Codes.

Datalogic Scanning Customers Expect the Very Best – and We Deliver!
The Gryphon D432/D412 Plus general-purpose imager combines extreme versatility, outstanding product features and best performance in its class, making this imager well-suited to many new 2D applications.

• Quick and accurate capture of fast-moving bar codes in postal, airline, and railway conveyor applications, provides the benefit of reduced operating costs and increased productivity.
• Speeds up age-verification for controlled substances at the point-of-sale by rapidly reading PDF417 codes on driver licenses, increasing check-out speed and improving the customer experience.
• Datalogic Scanning’s patented ‘Green Spot’ on the code provides good-read feedback in noisy environments, increasing operator efficiency. No other AIDC vendor can provide this distinctive feature.
• A wider VGA sensor and new camera allows signature, image, and even document capture capabilities, bringing greater flexibility and decreasing equipment costs.
• Intuitive and efficient ‘five dot’ laser aiming system captures both bar codes and images quickly, resulting in more nimble, responsive operations at all levels.
• A 400 Mhz processor and the latest generation “Global Shutter” sensor provides the highest performance available on the market today.
• In retail operations, with Datalogic’s Magellan® bi-optic scanners, the Gryphon 2D Plus imager offers image capture capabilities while providing speed and accuracy when scanning bulky or heavy items.
• The increased durability and capacity to capture images broadens the range of applications where this product is well-suited, including light industrial, manufacturing, and healthcare.
• With only two multi-interface models, enjoy complete connectivity, cost-free migration and stock optimization for resellers.
• Datalogic’s Aladdin™ Software Configuration simplifies and improves both installation and maintenance, decreasing the pain of software and firmware upgrades and bar code symbology updates.
• With a product proven durable, reliable, and robust, Datalogic’s five-year warranty lowers your TCO.
Datalogic Scanning by the Numbers
• A Datalogic Scanning bar code reader is installed every 36 seconds.
• Over 2.5 million Datalogic handheld readers have been sold since 1998.
• Over 30,000 customers have chosen Datalogic Scanning handheld readers.
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