April 17, 2008
Cost-effective, sustainable alternative to wood, tube and corrugated packaging launched APPLETON, Wis. Laminations, a part of Great Northern Corporation,

Cost-effective, sustainable alternative to wood, tube and corrugated packaging launched

APPLETON, Wis. — Laminations®, a part of Great Northern Corporation, has introduced UCrate®, a cost-effective, sustainable choice for protecting long and narrow products during shipping and handling.

UCrate consists of seamless U–shaped channels that fit snugly together to create a sturdy, environmentally friendly way to ship products such as window blinds and rods, tubing, metal rods/extrusions, fragile instruments and glass products.

Advantages offered by UCrate over traditional package protection include:
• lighter than wood, no bug stamping export issues, no slivers
• better impact resistance and scuff protection than corrugated
• easy and quick top loading of product
• substantial beam strength without sacrificing shock absorption capabilities

As a result, UCrate delivers savings in labor, freight and space over other alternatives.

The manufacture of UCrate product was made possible by a substantial investment in proprietary equipment by Laminations. The new custom-designed machinery allows for quick turnaround of orders and the highest-quality results in maintaining tight variances.

The machinery, which accommodates paper rolls up to 18 inches wide, creates matching U-shaped channels with a broad range of leg heights and base widths. Standard lengths extend to 300 inches but longer lengths also are available. Standard caliper options range from 0.080 to 0.600 inches.

End-cap choices include wood, two-fold corrugated and four-fold corrugated.

High-quality print options for adding logos, messages or handling instructions also are available, as are additional custom interior packaging choices to meet precise shipping and protection needs.

“Like all Laminations VBoard® products, including the recently introduced UChannel®, UCrate is backed by Laminations’ reputation for innovation and superior customer service,” said Bill Faster, Vice President, Sales. “Our packaging engineers and sales representatives work closely with customers to identify their needs and create customized, cost-effective solutions.”

Free samples of UCrate can be ordered at www.ucratepackaging.com. Business inquiries regarding the company’s products and services should be directed to Bill Faster at (800) 925-2626.