Manufacturers Support the Energy Act

March 1, 2009
WASHINGTONThe Senates bi-partisan sponsored legislation, S661, Restoring Americas Manufacturing Leadership Through Energy Efficiency Act of 2009, has

WASHINGTON—The Senate’s bi-partisan sponsored legislation, S661, “Restoring America’s Manufacturing Leadership Through Energy Efficiency Act of 2009,” has been welcomed by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

“This legislation reflects an enlightened understanding that shifting away from our dependence on fossil fuels will require a major commitment to energy efficiency and innovation. Manufacturing can and will take the lead in this critical effort,” says NAM president John Engler.

Specifically, NAM feels that if passed, the legislation will serve to help “revitalize the nation’s industrial base and increase industrial energy productivity by:

• Establishing financing mechanisms for both small and large manufacturers to adopt advanced energy efficient production technologies and processes, which will allow them to be more productive and less fuel dependent, cutting costs instead of jobs.

• Using industry-led partnerships to identify breakthrough technologies to reduce energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions. The legislation will offer competitive grants to industry and small businesses to encourage development and deployment of energy efficient technologies.

•Expanding the number and expertise of the Industrial Research and Assessment Centers to better meet the needs of small and medium manufacturers. The bill also provides for workforce training through paid internships at the Industrial Research and Assessment Centers where students will work with manufacturers on energy efficient technologies.“