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June 13, 2006
June 1, 2006 - uni-chains Mfg introduces the new uni XLB 2.5" pitch modular belt (1.18" thickness). The uni XLB is the strongest Plastic Modular Belt

June 1, 2006 - uni-chains Mfg introduces the new uni XLB 2.5" pitch modular belt (1.18" thickness). The uni XLB is the strongest Plastic Modular Belt in the World. This belt is Maintenance Free and can replace Roller Chains, Drag Chains, Steel Flat Top Belt and other types of chains/belts used in Heavy Duty Applications. Key features are: Impact resistant, Extremely wear resistant, Bi-directional. The uni XLB has been successfully installed in various industries and heavy-duty applications.

Uni-Chains Mfg is proud to introduce a the uni XLB. The perfect choice for skid conveyors

A skid-system ensures a steady material flow of various automotive parts through the entire manufacturing process. The old skid-system with roller lanes or woven belts encounters several disadvantages which are eliminated with the new system. The old systems require lubrication which can cause inconvenience. Along the finishing line, the noise level is high. Slip on friction driven flat belts may cause misalignment/orientation of the skid. When using the uni XLB K318 the noise level is reduced, no lubrication is required. A compact construction and a transmission with sprockets enable a low building height with high traction forces. With the positive sprocket drive full synchronized movement of parallel lanes is ensured - thereby ensuring correct position and orientation of the skid. uni XLB K318 fits in existing applications.

Industries and applications
Furniture and wood industry
Paper and cardboard industry
Skid conveyors

POM-NLAS contains no lubricant and contains additives reducing the electrical resistance, thereby helping to dissipate static electricity. Surface resistivity of POM-NLAS according to IEC 60093/ASTM D257: 1 x 1011 Ohm x cm.

Since its start in 1968 uni-chains has experienced massive growth from a small conveyor manufacturer to one of the leading suppliers in the world of conveyor chains and modular belt systems. This growth is mainly due to uni-chains' flexibility and commitment to helping customers finding the best solutions to their internal transport requirements.

uni Innovations
For the past 30+ years we have invented the best TAB-chain in the world, uni Super Flex (available in both steel and plastic), side-flexing chains with ribs, gripper chains with moulded rubber, safety chains, the strong 1" uni QNB belt system, uni Flex SNB, the side flexing belt system with reinforcement, uni MPB, the hygienic belt system for meat and food processing and many more.

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