Speed-Saver EL

Dec. 2, 2008
Keytroller, LLC. introduces Speed-Saver EL series device to control top speed electronically on new generation fly by wire forklifts with electronic throttles.

Keytroller, LLC. introduces Speed-Saver EL series device to control top speed electronically on new generation “fly by wire” forklifts with electronic throttles. It is designed as an “plug and play” fit, so installation is faster and easier than older generation S P E ED-SAVER devices that controlled top speed by mechanically by restricting the stroke of the throttle.

Many new generation forklifts come with speed sensors already on the vehicle. This reduces the cost and installation time of the Speed-Saver EL because the speed signal is simply taken from the speed sensor already in place. In addition to the adjustable limit speed, the Speed-Saver EL can also assistin reducing the rate of acceleration (Slew Rate) available to the operator. This is useful for safer handling of fragile loads.

How it works:
The Control Unit is designed to operate with throttle pedal units which use two potentiometers. These will either operate such that the analog signal from each maps the other, i.e. as one output increases with throttle depression so will the other, or they operate so that the analog signals operate in an opposite orientation (Reverse), i.e. as one output increases with throttle depression, the other will decrease. The manual will identify how the ‘Chan B’ parameter is to be set, along with some guidance parameter settings for the model of fork truck. The ‘I gain’ and ‘P gain’ terms determine the overall damping of the limiter, they should be optimized to prevent the truck’s speed, at limit, either hunting or the controller being slow to respond to changes to the slope of the floor where the truck is operating. Parameters are set using a calibrator supplied with the device and a connection to a computer’s HyperTerminal.

At the order stage, Keytroller will verify that the fly-by-wire speed limiter will function with the truck make and model identified. Currently, Toyota, Nissan, Cat, Mitsubushi, Clark and Doosan forklifts can be fitted with this device. To facilitate fitting, the Speed-Saver EL has a number of custom harnesses for many of these forklifts.

SPEED-SAVER EL is available from equipment dealers nationwide and Canada.

For more information view website: www.keytroller.com or contact KEYTROLLER, LLC. 813-877-4500 or email: [email protected]