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Nov. 14, 2007
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- METTLER TOLEDO is excited to announce the release of the CS5400 BarCoded YardStick Dimensioning Systems. The CS5400 is an economical,

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- METTLER TOLEDO is excited to announce the release of the CS5400 BarCoded YardStick™ Dimensioning Systems. The CS5400 is an economical, semi-automated cubing solution for capturing product and parcel weight, dimension and product ID data used in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and shipping and manifesting applications. The system is packaged complete and integrates quickly with host software systems, without requiring IT programming. With an optional battery kit, the unit becomes mobile, providing flexibility to move the system anywhere it is needed. As one of the easiest to use and lowest cost solutions available, the CS5400 provides a quick return on investment. It’s robust design and rugged components ensure it will continue to deliver results for a long time.

Simple Compact Design for Easy Use
The CS5400 Bar-Coded YardStick occupies a small space and can be easily integrated warehouse
or shipping operations. The system is simple and trouble-free to operate with a special bar-coded measuring strip positioned on each axis. The operator needs only to place the package into the corner and then simply scan the first barcode at each axis. The weight is captured automatically while the dimensions are being measured.

Low Cost Solution for Several Applications A key target application for the CS5400 is collection of product size and weight data for WMS systems. Companies need massive amounts of data when they convert to a new WMS and doing it by hand just isn’t feasible. Companies also conduct ongoing product registration as new products
arrive at the receiving dock. “The new CS5400 is a great substitute for old cube scanners that have been used for years,” says Jerry Stoll, Marketing Manager of Strategic Accounts at Mettler Toledo. “The CS5400 PC Software has the same data output format so it’s a straightforward replacement, there are no noisy ultrasonics, and it’s one third the price. It’s real value!”

Another key use for the CS5400 system is in shipping and manifesting applications. Because of its versatile design, the CS5400 system can be inserted anywhere in a company’s pick,
pack and ship process. With both PC-based and stand-alone configurations, the CS5400 makes it easy to collect and communicate parcel data to carrier shipping software. By providing accurate and complete data on every parcel, companies avoid Dim-weight back charges from their parcel carrier and capture customer shipping charges that may otherwise have been lost.

“All the parcel carriers and even the USPS are transitioning to dimensional weight for rating parcel shipments,” says Jerry Stoll, “With this transition comes the need for even low volume shippers to improve their process. The low cost and versatility of the CS5400 system is very attractive to shippers who want to automate, but don’t have enough throughput to justify the higher cost of high speed or automated systems.”

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