Mhlnews 1571 Carterroll Straight Conveyor 150

24-Volt Conveyor Line Conserves Power

Nov. 3, 2010
The CarterRoll 24-volt conveyor line comes in standard sections, including straight, curve, merge and intersection configurations and in various lengths and widths. Tight radius curve and tight radius merge designs conserve floor space.

CarterRoll 24-Volt conveyors, typically configured into individual 30" zones, run only as needed to move product, thereby conserving power, reducing wear and tear and limiting operational noise. Each zone, comprised of idler rollers driven by a powered roller, is activated only if the next zone is empty. The zone design also provides zero-pressure functionality, keeping products from contacting each other. Upstream zones automatically accumulate when downstream backups occur.

Selected designs include jam detection and visual indicators. "Plug-n-Play" controls modularity allows for fast and easy installation in addition to system configuration and layout flexibility. Commonality of components reduces sparing requirements and related costs.

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