Lucent Technologies Expands Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

April 1, 2003
San Jose, Calif. -April 22, 2003-Agile Software Corporation (Nasdaq: AGIL), a leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, today

San Jose, Calif. -April 22, 2003-Agile Software Corporation (Nasdaq: AGIL), a leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, today announced that Lucent Technologies, a leading global supplier of communications networking equipment, has completed a major expansion of its Agile enterprise product lifecycle management platform through the addition of the Agile Product Cost ManagementTM solution.

Lucent took advantage of Agile's Guaranteed Business ResultsSM program, and has successfully deployed Agile Product Cost Management to more than 175 of its top-tier suppliers in only 14 weeks.

"Helping our customers address the critical networking and business issues they face today helps Lucent maintain its competitive advantage and leadership going forward," said Dave Ayers, product design chain solutions officer, supply chain networks, at Lucent. "Agile's ability to deliver its solutions quickly speaks to the company's understanding of the issues faced by today's global enterprise. Adding Agile Product Cost Management to our solution suite enhances our ability to speed product innovation and better manage direct material costs."

In recent years, Lucent has moved from a vertical to a virtual manufacturing model and remains focused on core competencies and the ability to accelerate product innovation. The Agile Product Collaboration solution is an enabling technology in this evolution, providing the comprehensive product record and collaborative solution. Agile Product Cost Management enriches the product record and provides Lucent with key capabilities to leverage and synchronize product cost intelligence across a virtual manufacturing supply chain, to reduce costs and improve product profitability.

Agile's Guaranteed Business Results program, which is unique to Agile and the product lifecycle management industry, ensures that expectations, milestones and measurable results are achieved.

"Agile's track record at Lucent has been to deliver high-impact, low-risk solutions that are helping Lucent transform its business. Lucent's decision to expand its use of Agile is a reflection of the company's decision to purchase technology that will help it lead in its markets," said Bryan D. Stolle, chairman and CEO of Agile. "Agile is proud to deepen our relationship with a world-class organization like Lucent and to assure that bottom line impact for them is achieved and interests are aligned through the Guaranteed Business Results program."