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Mhmonline Com Images Archive Images Story 79ebb9e5 090e 4f91 80bc A1836127e338 Productnews01 00
Mhmonline Com Images Archive Images Story 79ebb9e5 090e 4f91 80bc A1836127e338 Productnews01 00
Mhmonline Com Images Archive Images Story 79ebb9e5 090e 4f91 80bc A1836127e338 Productnews01 00
Mhmonline Com Images Archive Images Story 79ebb9e5 090e 4f91 80bc A1836127e338 Productnews01 00

Products- November

Nov. 1, 2004
JOB SITE BOX The 12-gauge, all-welded portable construction site job box provides three mechanisms. The upper portion is provided with gas shocks for


The 12-gauge, all-welded portable construction site job box provides three mechanisms. The upper portion is provided with gas shocks for ease in lifting and two adjustable shelves. Lifting eyes are provided for transporting by crane. The lower portion has an adjustable shelf on each side and shelf pockets on each door. The unit also has welded channels for lifting with a lift truck or pallet jack. Strong Hold Products visit


The MPT9100 shopfloor data-collection and display terminal provides two-way information visibility in manufacturing. It collects data on time and attendance, project costs and tool tracking, as well as standard inventory management transactions and manufacturing tasks. Security meets Department of Defense regulations. It offers bar code wants and scanners, integrated RFID proximity bade reader, optional magnetic stripe or bar code badge reader and digital inputs/outputs. Epic Data International Inc.visit


The CMG Silicon Series motor, with an integrated electronic commutator, can be operated directly from a battery or in conjunction with a DC controller. It is available in sizes from 12/24 VDC-240A to 72VDC-100A. The motor is 5" long with a 77/8" diameter, and weighs 14 lb. eCycle Inc.visit


This electronic lock adds security to most of the company’s cabinet systems. Users enter a programmable, four-digit pin code into a keypad to lock and unlock the cabinet. An RJ45 data connector on the rear of the cabinet provides integration with custom software systems. The lock comes with a mechanical lock override, but the mechanical lock can’t be copied. Stanley Vidmar visit


The J30-40ZT 3-wheel lift truck features brushless AC traction and steer motors that eliminate motor brushes, commutators and contactors. Capacity ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 lb. Rack-and-pinion hydrostatic steering reduces driver fatigue. Its Vista mast provides a clear line of vision to the fork tips. Hyster Co. visit


Extruded VBoard is made from strong, weatherproof extruded plastic. It provides protection against product damage during shipping and storage. Standard sizes are leg lengths of 1.75" x 1.75" and 2.5" x 2.5"” with calipers of 0.060", 0.090" and 0.120". Custom-extruded shapes can be developed for large-volume applications. Laminations visit


The Moto-Cart is an electric, self-propelled platform truck with numerous applications in material handling applications. It features power both forward and reverse, variable dial-in speed control, adjustable motion alarm, dynamic and automatic braking, built-in automatic charger, two maintenance-free batteries and floating drive axle. The unit is designed a six-degree grade. Lift Products Inc. visit


The DU-SOM drum upending attachment allows the operator to automatically pick drums from horizontal or vertical positions in a rack or other storage application, remove, and turn them around safely for transport or use. The attachment fits any lift truck and handles up to 850 lb in 55-gal fiber, steel or plastic drums. Liftomatic Material Handling Inc.


The Jet-A-Mark R44 controller controls up to 16 Drop-on-Demand smallcharacter printheads for printing of text, graphic logos and bar codes via up to 4 CPU modules. Users can connect additional devices such as one-speed encoders, one photo cell and one interface to each CPU. A quick-command panel allows simple message changeover, printhead flushing and other tasks.
Matthews International Corp.


You can open a boxcar within the space of a doorway with the Limited Access door opener. It tows and pulls the door open or closed. The opener fits all standard lift truck blades. The swivel arm has a pincer hook to connect to hole in pushpocket bracket on car. The opener is chained to lift truck mast. Standard model reaches over gap of up to 60 inches between dock and car. Aldon Co. Inc. visit


The Pit Stop propane fuel depot is an engineered storage and handling system designed specifically to virtually eliminate the manual handling of heavy propane fuel cylinders. It can be used with an existing overhead handling system or its own optional 180 jib crane. Heavy-duty units hold 16 or 24 cylinders. American Standard Mfg. Inc. visit


This company offers a complete line of scissors lift tables. Standard Duty lifts have 2,000- to 6,000-lb capacity; platform is 48 x 88 in. Light Duty lifts have 1,000- and 1,500-lb capacity in both electric and manual lift styles. Portable lifts can be equipped with single-or double-high lift mechanisms. Units are also available with pneumatic actuation. Presto Lifts Inc. visit


This palletizer can simultaneously handle the output of three separate production lines. It automatically adjusts itself to handle different bag styles and sizes at the same time. Its multiple-function end effector can handle pallets and slip sheets. The machine features built-in diagnostics and easy-to-use pattern programming. Columbia/Okura LLC. visit


This heavy-duty line of air circulators features a cast aluminum airfoil propeller for high efficiency and low noise levels. The highly polished surface makes the propellers self-cleaning. Motors include 3-speed, 115 volt, oscillating and non-oscillating, and single-speed, 3-phase explosionproof. A wide selection of mounting accessories is available. Airmaster Fan Co. visit


This light, compact double scissors lift can lift 150 lb up to 70 in. high. Lowered heights are 6 or 7 in. Table sizes range from widths of 15 to 24 in., lengths of 19 to 48 in. Power sources include battery, electric and air-operated hydraulic. Accordion-style safety skirts are available as an option on one, two or four sides. Air Technical Industries visit


The compact EFXac lift truck maneuvers well in narrow aisles. Its 180 rotating mast allows loads to be stored or retrieved from either side of the aisle. A 4.4 kW, 3-phase AC motor provides plenty of power. The truck handles loads from 2,200 to 2,750 lb, travels up to 5.6 mph and lifts at 79 ft/min. Driver’s cab provides unobstructed view of forks, load and aisle. Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. visit


Model TT-H50I palletizes cases, bundles, bags and trays at rates of up to 50 per minute. Layers are constructed on an internal pre-build table and then delivered to the pallet on a layer head nested below the table. It is available with automatic pallet dispensing, automatic sheet or liner insertions, concurrent stretch wrapping and labels-out options. TopTier Inc. visit


Twin guardrail features a compression clamp that holds securely but provides easy lift-out for installation and field replacement with no cutting, welding or painting on-site. Standard and heavy-duty models are available in may sizes (no upcharge for custom lengths) to protect facility assets from lift truck impact. “Save”ty Yellow Products. visit


The C17000 long-load-handling lift truck has a 17,000-lb capacity. The 4-directional reach truck is equipped with an LP-gas engine and can maneuver in aisles as narrow as 8 ft. A low-profile load platform ensures stability. The operator compartment has a rubber-mounted half-cab with top, front, side and rear glass. Combilift Ltd. visit


ACE eXact warehouse management system uses pre-built components and subsystems. More than 20 modules are available for configuration into a fully integrated WMS. Exact connects to most shop floor, MRP and ERP systems as well as a broad range of legacy front-office and back-office systems. Applied Control Engineering visit


The P3000-P7000 family comes in nine different models, in gasoline, LP-gas and diesel. The full-suspension seat provides a comfortable ride. The heavy-duty drive and steer axles and the steel frame provide a strong foundation. Narrow mast channels and the absence of cross bars in the overhead guard provide good visibility. The extended 500-hour service interval reduces routine maintenance. Cat Lift Trucks visit


Rack Sentry Cutout is named for the opening in the product crafted to install around typical beams, while still offering collision protection the length of the protector. It has a 5-in. opening located six inches from one end and seven inches from the other. It can be mounted above or below rack shelving, and can be stacked for increased protection. Rack Sentry installs in seconds without tools; its bright yellow color makes rack uprights highly visible. Sentry Protection Products visit


The 40" x 48" OP CIISF pallet holds up to 2,000 lb in unsupported racking systems; its one-piece construction provides compatibility with most automated systems. The flow-through deck has no open ridges or cavities. It was designed for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial applications that require a lightweight, cleanable, rackable pallet. Orbis Corp. visit


The brushless DC-powered Cleanroom RollerDrive roller is suitable for Class 100 cleanroom applications. Available in 1.9-in. diameter, the rollers handle speeds to 330 fpm and load to 300 lb. Zero-pressure accumulation control cards enable the rollers to be activated only when material is present, eliminating the risk of damage by collision. Interroll Corp. visit