AIM Global Announces Outreach Initiative

Feb. 1, 2004
Warrendale, PA AIM Global, The Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, today announced the AIM Outreach Initiative - an aggressive plan

Warrendale, PA – AIM Global, The Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, today announced the AIM Outreach Initiative - an aggressive plan to deliver Automatic Identification and Mobility education to both solutions providers and enterprise customers.

The AIM Outreach Initiative will be launched in conjunction with the AIM Annual Meeting, 9 – 11 March 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

A marked increase in demand for up-to-date information on all aspects of RFID and bar code compliance programs continues to drive the educational and advocacy initiatives sponsored by AIM Global. "The significant growth of AIM in 2003 and its continuing leadership role as a source of unbiased, technically accurate information on current RFID initiatives, biometrics and mobile computing have accelerated AIM's strategic initiatives. These factors have opened new markets and have created unprecedented visibility for AIM member company solutions," said Dan Mullen, President, AIM Global.

"It is clear that channel solutions providers and end-users have significant opportunities and challenges in front of them. AIM will offer both groups the leadership and clear guidance they need to move forward with confidence.

The AIM Outreach Initiative for 2004 will help focus global awareness on the benefits of AIDC and mobile computing technologies by highlighting applications in transportation logistics, security, healthcare and patient safety, and overall supply chain management," continued Mullen.

The AIM Outreach Initiative is a complete suite of conferences, exhibitions, and electronic materials that will be delivered throughout the year.

As a key part of the AIM Outreach Initiative in 2004, AIM will present or collaborate on a series of conferences (details below):

- Channel Development Program

- Focus Events: End User Application Series

- The AIM Knowledge and Networking Forum

- Tracking and Tracing Theater at ECR Europe Exhibition

- AIM Pavilions in Asia Pacific

- Frontline Solutions Conference & Expo 2004

The Channel Development Program:

"Emerging Opportunities: RFID Technologies and the FDA Bar Code"

10 March, Atlanta GA, USA

"Tapping the Healthcare Market: Applying the Bar Code Rule"

11 May, Philadelphia, PA, USA

"Cargo Security & Control: RFID Enabled"

22 June, Long Beach, CA, USA

Focus Events: The End User Application Series:

"RFID Technology in Transportation Logistics"

11 March, Atlanta, GA, USA

"Prescription for Patient Care: Understanding & Implementing the FDA Bar Code Rule"

12 May, Philadelphia, PA, USA

"Security Control: RFID Enabled"

23 June, Long Beach, CA, USA

AIM Knowledge and Networking Forum

25 – 26 May, Brussels, Belgium

The programme will include a visit to the ECR Europe Marketplace and a tour of the Tracing & Tracking Theatre. The Tracing &Tracking Theatre is a joint initiative between AIM and EAN.

RFID World Asia 2004

21-23 April, Suntec Singapore, Singapore

Frontline Solutions Conference & Expo 2004

13 – 15 September, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL, USA

The AIM Global network of manufacturers continues to grow.

AIM Inc. is the global trade association and recognized worldwide authority on automatic identification, data collection and networking in a mobile environment. AIM members are providers and users of technologies, systems and services that capture, manage and integrate accurate data into larger information management systems. As a not-for-profit industry organization, AIM's mission is to stimulate the understanding, adoption and use of technology by providing timely, unbiased and commercial-free news and information. For more information, contact the AIM office at AIM Inc., 125 Warrendale-Bayne Rd., Ste. 100, Warrendale, PA 15086, telephone +1-724-934-4470 or fax +1-724-934-4495. For direct online access to AIDC information or additional support, access the AIM Web site at or