Presto PLP

May 26, 2004
Atlet has launched the latest of its new generation powered pallet transporters the Presto PLP. The new pedestrian/stand-on truck offers high performance

Atlet has launched the latest of its ‘new generation’ powered pallet transporters – the Presto PLP.

The new pedestrian/stand-on truck offers high performance combined with a patented system to give superior traction and heightened stability. It features a unique tiller steer-arm which incorporates a computer giving PIN access and enabling the truck’s driving characteristics to be programmed. The truck is also equipped with Atlet new TRAC (Truck Remote Access) system by which diagnostic tasks are carried out by linking the truck, through an ordinary mobile phone, to Atlet’s remote service centre computer.

With capacities of 2000kg and 2500kg the Presto PLP is designed for loading and unloading lorries across dock levellers and for medium- to long-distance transport within warehouses and factories. A patented five wheel linkage system – Friction Force (FF) – exerts increased pressure on the spring-loaded drive wheel and ensures that all wheels are in constant contact with the ground. This gives excellent traction, particularly on slopes, dock levellers and uneven surfaces, safer braking and high lateral stability. The truck’s compact double load wheel (bogie) provides easy access to closed pallets, with better positioning between pallet boards.

The Presto PLP has a powerful, energy-efficient 24 volt AC motor, with ‘regenerative’ capabilities whereby current is returned to the battery under braking – which gives longer work cycles between charging. The AC motor is governed, through a CanBus, by the truck’s ATC4 onboard computer. The truck’s battery is on an integral roller bed, to make battery changing quicker, easier and less effort.

Unlike some other pallet transporters the forks rise independent of the battery box. This give up to 20 per cent lift energy saving, again extended battery cycle times.

Atlet has paid a great deal of attention to ergonomics on the new Presto PLP. The flip-down driver platform is spring loaded, to give greater, shock-absorbing, comfort when travelling long distances, and foldable side protection bars are standard.

In common with the rest pf Atlet’s new generation pallet transporters the Presto PLP has an all- new tiller arm, with light fingertip controls. The tiller arm includes an integral backlit LCD screen which carries information on battery status, hours worked, date and time and a variety of diagnostic alerts. The truck’s ATC4 computer has built-in service functions, and enables different performance parameters to be programmed-in for up to four drivers. A keypad on the tiller arm enables PIN access, for security and accountability.

Power steering is standard on the heavy duty 2500kg capacity Presto PLP250, and an option on the Preston PLP.

Atlet’s TRAC system, which, with the Presto PLP is used for the first time on a pallet truck. TRAC provides the facility for troubleshooting and acquiring advance analysis of operating data. It also enables certain aspects of the trucks performance characteristics to be re-programmed. All this can be done remotely by connecting an ordinary mobile phone to the truck’s on-board ATC4 computer, which effects a link to Atlet’s central service computer through which the data can be analysed and adjustments made.

Maintenance and repair work are greatly simplified, operating costs are reduced and downtime kept to a minimum.

The roll-out of Atlet’s new generation pallet transporters – the P series – started last year with the launch of the remarkably compact Piccolo PLL pedestrian truck. In addition to the Presto PLP the series will be extended to include the Doppio PSD, which stacks up to 2.49 metres. With its straddle lift and capability of handling two pallets at once the Doppio is also ideal for two-level loading/unloading.

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