Connector 2.5

June 3, 2005 Taking aim at a significantly broader market opportunity for enterprise-class RFID and barcode label printing software solutions for Taking aim at a significantly broader market opportunity for enterprise-class RFID and barcode label printing software solutions for leading supply chain management applications, Loftware, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of version 2.5 of the Loftware Connector®. Originally designed and customized approximately 24 months ago for Oracle-based warehouse management and mobile supply chain applications, Connector 2.5 has now been enhanced for compatibility with similarly-targeted DB2- and SQL-based applications from all leading vendors. In addition to the UNIX operating system, the Java-based Connector 2.5 now supports Linux and Microsoft Windows as well.

“This innovative product concept proved itself again and again in the past two years in the Oracle domain,” said Loftware Chief Executive Officer Eric Anderson, “Our Connector technology continues to excel, creating a seamless bridge between enterprise-wide supply chain intelligence and very-high-volume marking activities at a virtually unlimited number and range of warehouse, distribution or retail locations. With today’s announcement, we’re now able to offer a version of this fully tested and proven solution to a larger target market that effectively doubles our potential global reach.”

The Loftware Connector 2.5 is a connectivity module that bridges Loftware’s Premier bar code and RFID software for label printing operations across an entire enterprise, regardless of the number or type of printers being used or their geographic location around the world. In this newest version, the product’s tightly-integrated web-based administration capabilities, its sweeping set of tools, and its smart filtering and decision logic capabilities virtually eliminate the need for complicated and costly programming tasks. Substantial programming is often required of alternative solutions in meeting the specialized label requirements associated with leading ERP, WMS, MRP, Supply Chain Execution and other mission critical applications.

Combining a very high-capacity program with tremendous speed and reliability, Connector 2.5, according to Loftware President and Chief Technology Officer Dana Anderson, is unique in its class for its combination of user features for establishing, implementing and monitoring bar code and RFID software for label printing operations. These features include the Connector Console, which is a Loftware-innovated graphical user interface for viewing and modifying all label printing settings and configurations and adding advanced filters, all from a centralized location.

Anderson said, “Our solution provides users the ability to pull data out of the application for label printing content of an unlimited variety. It keeps users notified of printing status. It automatically prints compliant forms from the database and records and audits the print jobs. No systems out there other than Connector 2.5 can do that all-in-one, this fast, and with little to no programming requirements.”

A Continuation of Loftware’s Focused Firsts in Barcode and RFID Software
Consistently avoiding any product developments outside its focused area of proven expertise in commercial-grade, enterprise-class marking technology since its founding in 1986, Loftware’s Connector 2.5 is the latest in a long history of label printing technology firsts from the Company. In September 2004, Loftware, Inc. became the first to release an enterprise-class RFID solution for Smart Labels generation. In June it embedded .NET control and connectivity to the Loftware Print Server for .NET applications platforms. In its nearly twenty-year history, the Company has also written more than 500 specialized printer drivers, covering virtually every make and model of bar code and RFID output device currently used throughout the world.

Large Market Opportunity Foreseen for Focused Providers with Enterprise Expertise
“This is a focused company committed to knowing what it means to achieve true enterprise connectivity on a scale to meet the current and future bar code label and RFID opportunity,” said Loftware Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Martin. And that opportunity, according to Martin, is impressive. In 2004, according to an April 15th report from IDTechEx a UK-based research and consultancy firm, between five and ten trillion barcodes are printed annually around the world. Beyond that, the report added, the global market for RFID tags, systems and services will grow to an estimated $26.90 Billion by 2015.

“At Loftware we want to maintain our technological pace and leadership position with proven solutions as this market opportunity evolves,” said Martin. “To that end,” he added, “we believe it not only requires a focus on technological innovation, but an experienced team that knows and understands enterprise connectivity and not just the theoretical possibilities. With more than 25,000 end users of Loftware products worldwide, Loftware has the edge on knowing what works best and why.”

In yet another recent sign of Loftware’s expanding market and product development agenda, the Company announced on March 30th the completion of a private recapitalization. A team of investors led by the Private Capital Group of BNP Paribas and including Greyrock Capital Group has purchased an interest in the Company in anticipation of continued expansion and new growth initiatives.

About Loftware, Inc.
Loftware with its headquarters in York, Maine, pioneered the very first barcode label design and printing software application for the PC over two decades ago. Since that time the company has led the development efforts to provide best in class enterprise marking and identification software solutions including RFID to Fortune 100 and 500 companies supply chain operations across the globe. Loftware’s products now extend supply chain efficiencies beyond just bar-coding by supporting and complying with the latest EPC (Electronic Product Code) standards and specifications for programming and managing RFID Smart Labels and Tags. Industries including automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical, transportation are managing their supply chains everyday using Loftware’s latest technologies. Loftware and its products are trademarks or registered trademarks.

For more information, visit the Loftware website at or contact Stephanie Youker, Loftware PR, at [email protected].