Product Showcase- February 2005

Feb. 1, 2005
Remote Guides Lifter Transporter Operations The WP series of lifter transporter has powered mechanical lifts and capacities from 130 to 440 lbs., with

Remote Guides Lifter Transporter Operations

The WP series of lifter transporter has powered mechanical lifts and capacities from 130 to 440 lbs., with lifting heights from 54 to 69 in. Lift is achieved by a continuous chain located in the transporter's narrow mast. A handheld push-button remote lets operators lift or lower the platform from any side of the unit. Units come standard with a front platform, oversized rubber casters, and contoured, adjustable handles.

Interthor, Inc.,

More Choices in Lift Truck Purchases

Two additional models of its GEN2 series of lift trucks have been added to the product line by Clark. Available in either pneumatic tire or cushion tire configurations, these new models are available in capacities of 3,000 lbs., 3,500 lbs. and 4,000 lbs. The models are designed for use in a range of applications including distribution, manufacturing and warehousing.

Clark Material Handling Company,

Reusable Totes Resist Tampering

FlapNest 2115 series is a reusable handheld tote with allplastic hinges that are tamper resistant. When the lid flaps are closed with security strap, ties or clips, it is said to be impossible to withdraw the container's contents without leaving permanent, visible damage marks. The plastic hinges reduce worker injuries. The totes are lighter and easier to carry. The attached lid was designed to exceed distribution-container standards in many markets.

IPL Material Handling,

Simultaneously Encode and Print Labels and Tags

The radio-frequency identification (RFID) component for Microsoft .Net Framework encodes RFID tags on RFID capable printers from custom .Net software applications. When used with the IDAutomation forms control, the component simultaneously prints the barcode label and encodes RFID tags. A functional evaluation version of the components can be downloaded from the company's Web site., Inc.,

Belt-Driven Conveyor Sensor Eye

The Accutronic accumulation conveyor has zero-pressure accumulation of cases, cartons and totes. The flat-belt-driven, powered live-roller conveyor features 24-volt electric actuation. The drive belt is electrically raised to engage and power the rollers. When its photo-eye sensors detect product within the next downstream zone that requires upstream accumulation, the belt is lowered, disengaging power from the rollers.

FKI Logistex,

New Motors More Durable

The new stainless steel brushless servo motor (SSBSM Series) is durable and handles IP67 and 1500 psi wash-down conditions. It can be used in harsh, corrosive food and liquid, and high-hygiene environments. Typical applications include food and liquid processing, packaging, pharmaceutical, beverage, dairy handling, and beauty and oral care applications.


Save Time in Product Design

FMSsoft design software works with existing installations of AutoCAD 2000 to let customers design factory structures and equipment in 3D using current aluminum framing, ergonomic workstation or conveyor products from Bosch Rexroth. A built-in Web link lets users drop FMSsoft-generated aluminum framing parts lists directly into an e-commerce site for immediate pricing and ordering.

Bosch Rexroth Corporation,