Nov. 25, 2008
Perforations allow converters to quickly adjust cradles to accommodate variety of pallets APPLETON, Wis. - Rollguard, part of Great Northern Corporation's

Perforations allow converters to quickly adjust cradles to accommodate variety of pallets

APPLETON, Wis. - Rollguard®, part of Great Northern Corporation's Specialty Group, has expanded its line of protective roll cradles with the new Recycled Fiber Full Roll Perfed, a cradle designed specifically for the converter market.

The Recycled Fiber Full Roll Perfed Cradle handles roll diameters of 24 inches to 40 inches and has a cradle length of 48 inches. By creating perforations at 20 and 40 inches, Rollguard has made it easy for converters to quickly conform narrow-width products to nearly every standard pallet size while enjoying the added value of fewer packaging components, reduced labor and increased safety.

"MACtac, the customer for whom we first designed this perforated cradle, tells us that their converter operations, which have been using the product since July, have experienced savings in labor and materials by reducing the number of packaging components from eight to five," said Rollguard General Manager Rob Swannell. "MACtac also has seen improved performance in ergonomics and safety by reducing the number of bending motions needed to load a pallet and eliminating the need to cut cradles to fit various pallet configurations."

In simplifying the packaging structure, Rollguard's new cradle also supports the company increase its sustainable packaging by eliminating the foam and poly components and reducing the amount of stretch film needed to protect and stabilize loads. Like all of Rollguard's fiber roll cradles, the new perforated full roll model is made from recycled molded pulp and is 100 percent recyclable.

"Our shipping components used to include a pallet, chipboard, foam sheet, foam wedges, poly strapping, a poly cover sheet, a corner board through the cores of multiple rolls to stabilize the load, and finally stretch film to protect the product and to help further stabilize the rolls," said Dave DeSimio, Supply Chain Director, MACtac North America. "Now we just use a pallet, a Rollguard recycled fiber cradle, poly strapping, a poly cover sheet and stretch wrap."

Recycle Fiber Perfed/ADD ONE

Perforations allow one 48-inch cradle to be quickly converted into two 20-inch cradles and one 8-inch cradle. The new perforated roll cradle also delivers freight efficiencies by shipping in 120 pieces per bundle.

Recycled Fiber Full Roll Perfed is the latest innovation in Rollguard's line of recycled fiber full-roll support cradles, which can be used to protect single rolls or to package multiple short-web rolls with a single cradle.

All of Rollguard's full-roll support cradles are made from recycled corrugated molded pulp to offer greater strength, less dusting, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than honeycomb cradles. By using more surface area to provide product support, they also eliminate marking damage that may be caused when products are supported by their edges alone.

The full-roll cradles are made to provide support along the entire length of cylindrically shaped products and are ideal for heavy rolls with diameters from 9 to 40 inches. The standard full roll cradles measure 37 inches wide by 47 inches long. Recyled fiber cradles also are available in other configurations for rolls of 3 to 45 inches and a narrow version for rolls of 4 to 11 inches in diameter.

Product inquiries can be directed to Janet Keyes, inside sales representative, at (800) 925-2626, (920) 997-6327 or [email protected].