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Ergonomic Dynamic Picking System

June 3, 2005
A speed record in piece picking has been announced by Witron Logistik + Informatik GmbH, Parkstein, Germany. Using the Ergonomic Dynamic Picking System

A speed record in piece picking has been announced by Witron Logistik + Informatik GmbH, Parkstein, Germany. Using the Ergonomic Dynamic Picking System (E-DPS), a modular and scalable system solution, up to 1,000 order lines per hour can be processed for each integrated module, according to the system's manufacturer. This high pick performance is made possible by highly
dynamic AS/RS cranes known as Picking Mini Loads (PMLs), which drive simultaneously to storage locations on three tiers of an automated tote warehouse, and secondly by forward-looking ergonomic picking stations. "The market's interest in this solution is overwhelming, and the first purchase order has already been signed," says company director Helmut Prieschenk. "In addition to the enormous performance-enhancing and ergonomic value of this standard solution, its cost effectiveness has been especially convincing to
our customers."

In its basic set up, one system module is made up of a three-aisle automated tote warehouse, which carries out storage, replenishment and consolidation functions. What's special about it: While replenishment orders for articles stored on the two outer storage aisles, three highly dynamic vehicles, known as Picking Mini Loads (PMLs), pick stored goods from the middle aisle at high speeds. The acceleration and driving speeds required for this are achieved by the PMLs' low height and weight. The PMLs, together with an
integrated lift and its connected materials-handling systems, deliver totes or trays to and from two order picking stations. The system's software controls and optimizes all processes, so that using the installed mechanics, the storage and transport processes are decoupled from order picking. This ensures that the goods are made available in the amount and sequence required by the order. Completed order totes are consolidated in the automated tote warehouse and are made ready for loading with short reaction times in accordance with shipping requirements.

At the ergonomic picking stations, employees work in a sitting position and turn only 90 degrees to handle the products. Order picking paths are essentially eliminated. To optimize the ability to handle the articles, totes are tilted forward when presented at the picking station. Light grids serve to automate confirmation and to ensure high accuracy in picking.

"Beginning with one module as a basic solution, E-DPS can be customized for existing buildings and topologies without any problem," says Prieschenk. The system grows in proportion as order volume increases, product ranges are accommodated, or higher capacity is required from the facility." Thus, E-DPS is especially suited for applications where what's required is a small automated solution with high availability. Witron's strong emphasis on speed also extends to the implementation: An E-DPS module can be installed within
just six months, including the planning phase. E-DPS is shown to interested companies permanently in WITRON's own WITEC technology center in Parkstein, Germany. Live operation of the E-DPS enables the interested parties to experience the high order-picking performance first hand.

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