May 7, 2009
Hands-free bar code imager provides wireless flexibility and functionality for increased productivity.

Motorola, Inc., has announced the RS507 hands-free Imager. The RS507 solution will initially interoperate with Motorola’s WT4000 wearable mobile computer. The RS507 hands-free imager’s superior ergonomics, best-in-class rugged qualifications and scanning, including support for 1D and 2D bar codes, will also provide an easy and cost-effective way to extend hands-free cordless scanning to Motorola’s complete line of mobile computers in the future.

Incorporating Motorola’s Symbol SE4500 imaging engine, the new RS507 provides the aggressive and accurate decoding of 1D and 2D symbologies, omni-directionally with unmatched motion tolerance. The RS507 allows mobile workers in warehouse, postal and pharmaceutical distribution environments to reach new levels of productivity and operational efficiencies with Motorola’s proven technology and product reliability.

“As the leader in enterprise mobility, Motorola constantly innovates to provide customers with the best technological tools to facilitate efficient business operations,” said Daniel Dombach, director of logistics, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions. “The RS507 illustrates Motorola’s ability to deliver products that help workers improve efficiency with robust connectivity in a compact business-class device. The fact that the unit links seamlessly with the WT4000 wearable mobile computer means that existing customers can integrate the RS507 and add a further level of functionality that will enhance their efficiency and accuracy.”

With Motorola’s patent-pending Intelligent Sensing technology, the RS507 provides mobile workers with fast, intuitive automatic triggering that improves productivity in highly scan-intensive applications while maintaining the battery. And the RS507 comes in either a corded or cordless configuration to meet the varying needs of enterprise customers. In the RS507’s cordless configuration, each customer can literally ‘cut the cord’ and with easy Bluetooth pairing to the WT4000 both enhance operational flexibility and increase reliability. As a cordless device, the RS507 can be worn on one hand with the WT4000 wearable mobile computer worn on the same or opposite arm, or worn on a belt, whichever is most productive and comfortable for the user.

To help customers maintain peak performance, Enterprise Mobility Services recommends Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage for the RS507. From the first day of the hardware purchase, customers can rest assured that no matter what is damaged under normal operation — from broken triggers or scan engines, to cracked exit windows — the repair is covered. This significantly reduces unforeseen repair expenses while providing investment protection and service peace of mind.

The RS507 is available in the U.S., Canada and Europe through Motorola PartnerSelect members and Motorola sales. It is expected to be available in Australia and New Zealand in the second half of Q2.

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