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April 2, 2009
Blacksburg, VA Ongoing demands for faster production speeds, greater flexibility, and faster return on investment (ROI) make the TaskMate Robotic Systems

Blacksburg, VA — Ongoing demands for faster production speeds, greater flexibility, and faster return on investment (ROI) make the TaskMate™ Robotic Systems from ESS Technologies, Inc. ideal for multi-SKU packaging operations. ESS Technologies, Inc. integrates a FANUC robot, ESS-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), controls, and programming to create a robotic cell that increases productivity and flexibility in a number of packaging processes.

The TaskMate™ system integrates easily with existing packaging lines to facilitate high speed machine loading/unloading, product collation, and product assembly. Other ESS robotic systems provide high speed case packing and palletizing. By providing fast cycle times and greater flexibility for product handling, robotic systems offer a solution to keep packaging lines running at optimum efficiency while reducing labor costs, scrap and re-work. Capable of integration with fillers/cappers, tube fillers, cartoners, wrappers, and case packers, TaskMate™ systems offer custom vacuum or gripper style EOAT for handling any product, such as medical devices, test kits, vials, test tubes, bottles, jars, bags, cartons, and pouches. Programming for multiple SKUs can be provided along with quick-change EOAT to allow the system to handle a variety of products on the same packaging line.

A number of FANUC robots may be specified, depending on the payload and reach requirements of the application. The robotic cell has a very small footprint, and tool-free changeover typically occurs in three minutes or less. TaskMate™ robotic systems have the advantage of reducing repetitive motion for personnel while allowing the integrated packaging equipment to operate at peak productivity. ESS is an authorized FANUC systems integrator and FANUC’s strategic partner for pharmaceutical end-of-line packaging and palletizing in North America as well as a U.S. distributor for Bergami packaging machinery. As such, ESS offers years of experience integrating robotic systems with Bergami’s secondary medical device packaging equipment such as cartoners, wrappers and case packers. The system can also be used in primary packaging systems for tube fillers and Monoblock fillers/cappers. The flexibility of the robotic system allows it to integrate into a variety of new or existing packaging lines. The end result is increased line productivity and OEE while providing a fast ROI.

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