May 30, 2006
Smooth, Rapid Pallet Transferring with ULCRTSpring Lake, Michigan Right angle transfer of unit loads are achieved quickly and easily with the ULCRT Roller

Smooth, Rapid Pallet Transferring with ULC™RT

Spring Lake, Michigan — Right angle transfer of unit loads are achieved quickly and easily with the ULC™RT Roller Transfer's efficient lifting system. The transfer's motor-driven lifting mechanism lifts the pallet in two seconds. The pallet is moved vertically and horizontally, moving the location stop away from the pallet. This reduces pallet damage while providing a smooth, rapid transfer. The ULC RT's unique design utilizes three sensors to precisely position pallets for maximum throughput. The middle sensor locates the Roller Transfer just low enough so the pallet continues to convey into the transfer position and high enough so the location stop contacts the pallet. The ability to drive all conveying rollers reduces the possibility of pallet hang-ups.

TGW-ERMANCO offers a complete line of ULC Unit Load Conveyor technologies including conveyors, transfers, lifts, turntables, transfer cars and accessories. ULC can transport and accumulate loads up to 3,300 pounds and ULC operates with proven reliability, even in freezers. All TGW-ERMANCO technologies are backed by a two-year warranty.

Technologies for Cartons, Totes, Unit Loads, and Individual Products

• Conveyors for Accumulation & Transportation • Transfer Devices
• Motorized Roller Conveyors • Vertical Lifts
• Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems • Transfer Cars
• Automated Order-Fulfillment Systems • Turntables
• Sortation Systems

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