Matrics Teams With Apriso to Provide Turnkey RFID Soutions

Sept. 1, 2003
LONG BEACH, CA and COLUMBIA, MD - Apriso Corporation, the leader in "bottom-out" enterprise software, and Matrics, a pioneer in low cost, high-performance

LONG BEACH, CA and COLUMBIA, MD - Apriso Corporation, the leader in "bottom-out" enterprise software, and Matrics, a pioneer in low cost, high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) smart label technology, announced that they are partnering to deliver high-value-added, turnkey production automation, inventory management, and asset management solutions to enterprises based upon Matrics' leading-edge RFID technology and Apriso's respected suite of real-time, collaborative supply and manufacturing applications. The two companies recently teamed to deploy a high profile, first-of-its-kind warehouse tracking system for one of the world's largest paper and forest products companies.

"RFID is rapidly being recognized as a crucial technology for competitiveness in the 21st century," said Adam Bartkowski, president and CEO of Apriso. "The electronic tracking and management of inventory – from containers or pallets to components - provides substantial benefits in new business flexibility and cost structure that will rapidly differentiate a company from its competitors. Apriso's software is the world's first suite of enterprise software applications that can natively deal with the new business processes and massive amounts of real-time information that a fully-realized RFID deployment can generate, and our process-based production, warehouse, and inventory management applications, in particular, are perfectly matched with Matrics' technology."

An RFID tag is comprised of a tiny microchip programmed with a unique "identity" number. The Matrics RFID tags can be read from 10-30 feet at rates of 1000 tags per second from any orientation, resulting in the ability to collect data automatically without human intervention. Unlike bar code systems, RFID tags can be read even when hidden from view, a common situation in manufacturing or warehouse operations. Advanced asset management techniques, uniquely supported by Apriso software, enable the management of inventory and assets in real time.

"Apriso enterprise software allows customers to quickly realize the optimal strategic value from their RFID implementations," said Tom Coyle, Matrics vice president, supply chain solutions. "Matrics provides the most affordable and best performing RFID solutions; Apriso software turns the vast amounts of data being collected into actionable information to greatly impact the enterprise."

Matrics, based in Columbia, MD, is a provider of EPCÔ compliant RFID technology and visibility solutions for supply chain, asset management and security. For more information, visit Matrics on the Web at

Apriso is a world leader in "bottom-out" enterprise software - a new paradigm for today's "execution" economy. More information can be found at: