Warehouse Club Pack Contract Packaging Capacity Increased at CVI

June 1, 2005
Johnson City, NY (PRWEB) June 22, 2005 -- Food processors and packaged goods manufacturers are required to multi-pack products for sale at mega retailers

Johnson City, NY (PRWEB) June 22, 2005 --

Food processors and packaged goods manufacturers are required to multi-pack products for sale at mega retailers and warehouse club stores such as Sam’s Club, Barnes & Noble, BJ's, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers.

CVI’s experience in packaging and its streamlined cost structure, enables them to assemble, pack, shrink wrap, warehouse and distribute warehouse club packs and multi-pack products to locations throughout the Northeast.

As the market for assembly packaging increases, CVI announces the expansion of their co-packing capacity with additional hand assembly and packaging lines that include 20 more packers. This increased workforce enables them to meet existing contracts as well as prepare for new sub-contract packaging work.

CVI has also added another Shanklin shrink-wrap machine to its equipment inventory. This purchase is representative of CVI’s commitment to expand and upgrade its packaging facilities so that its customers can completely rely CVI for their outsourced production needs.

Manufacturers also take advantage of CVI’s three contract packaging and assembly facilities within a 30 mile radius in the Greater Binghamton, New York area and at the crossroads of the Northeast, with cost-effective distribution to over 90 million people within 350 miles.

In order to sell through the mega retailers and warehouse club stores, packaged goods manufacturers are required to multi-pack their products for sale. Whether its snack foods, breakfast bars, soap, canned goods or stationary the requirement to sell in club stores is that products are typically shrink-wrapped on a cardboard tray or in some type of multi-pack clamshell packaging.

Often this method of packaging is outside of the scope of the manufacturers existing packaging lines or it’s not cost effective to perform these manual assembly procedures in-house. This is why food processors seek outside expertise at co-packers or contract packaging companies. A co-packing project may be short term, such as a special promotion or seasonal opportunity to multi-package products for retail sale. Often packaging for warehouse club packs is part of a long term sales requirement and in either case manufacturers find they benefit from contracting for outside packaging services.

And it’s why national brand manufacturers understand that CVI, "can do better…what they’re better off outsourcing." Please visit Country Valley Industries at: http://www.cvipackaging.com.

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