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Blue Arc Engineering Conveyor

July 9, 2010
Blue Arc Engineering announces their next generation of zero pressure belt accumulating conveyors; the Zipline Conveyor.

The Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor has the ability to convey very small (3 inches x 4 inches) to very large products simultaneously. It features a low profile with 4-inch vertical aluminum extruded side channels, quiet operation at less than 58 db and a modular construction for virtual and dynamic zone lengths. According to Blue Arc, the Zipline utilizes a 24 VDC brushless drive motor and reduces energy by 40 percent. To save on energy, the drives shut down when there is no product present.

The Zipline, Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor, is equipped with multi-tiered conveyors, a 24 volt motor and driver card per zone, and a weight capacity of 75 pounds per zone. Each zone is 24 inches with a standard bed length of 10 feet; however, other zone lengths are available. The conveyor works at speeds ranging from 60- 120 FPM. Blue Arc says the Zipline Conveyor is 60 percent lighter compared to the previous model and allows for easier installation. Aluminum extrusion leg supports include adjustable foot pads every 10 feet. Multiple belt colors and accessories such as accumulation curves and transfers are available.

Blue Arc Engineering