Mhlnews 1644 Southworth Stackers 200

Southworth Products Stackers

July 14, 2010
Southworth Products’ newest stackers enable workers to lift, transport, and position up to 3,000 pounds at one time.

The battery-powered electric lifts are available with manual or electric drive, can lift materials to 80 inches, and are available in two basic configurations. The “fork over” design works with any type of open-bottom pallet or skid, while the “straddle” style accommodates any pallet or skid, even those with “closed” bottoms. Standard fork lengths are 45 inches for fork-over models and 42 inches for straddle units. The space between straddle forks as well as the straddle legs is adjustable.

The Stackers feature an ergonomically contoured pallet-truck-style handle, a high-visibility mast, and dual-wheel casters with toe guards. A short overall length (63-66 inches) and large turning angle make it possible to lift and stack in confined areas. Controls and a hand break are all located in the handle. A wide variety of options are also available.

Southworth Products, Corp.