EKS 110

March 12, 2008
RICHMOND, VA - Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., a world-leading manufacturer of eco-friendly AC-powered electric lift trucks, introduces the EKS 110 Vertical

RICHMOND, VA - Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., a world-leading ‘green’ manufacturer of eco-friendly AC-powered electric lift trucks, introduces the EKS 110 Vertical Order Picker, a truck that facilitates fast and versatile order picking. With four lift height options to choose from, this vehicle allows operators to efficiently pick stocked items from the first, second or third level of racking and place them in a box or on a pallet to complete the order.

With the “L” version of the EKS 110, the platform and load section can be raised to a height of 118 inches, allowing individual items to be picked from heights up to 15 feet. As a result, order picking is possible up to the third level of racking. The truck’s auxiliary lift or “Z” version, which allows the forks to be positioned at the perfect height for the operator, is a configuration in which an extra set of controls has been added on the fork side of the platform. It allows the operator to position and handle goods in an ergonomically-safe way to eliminate injuries. Lifting capacity is rated at 2200 lbs. and, thanks to its stable, counterbalanced design, low center of gravity and wide range of fork configurations, the EKS 110 can pick up pallets or crates both longitudinally and crosswise.

The vehicle’s handling has been optimized, with travel and lift controls designed to allow for a faster pick rate and operation. The EKS’ platform raises and lowers smoothly due to the modulation of the hydraulic pump and valves, and its Speed Control system provides precise control of travel speed for various applications. What’s more, the operator can choose from three different travel programs, ranging from low, medium and high performance.

Ergonomic features include an angled steering wheel that reduces operator joint strain, easily accessible control buttons and master control handle, and a clear, logical control panel that displays all key operating data. In addition, the platform is cushioned for exceptional operator comfort.

The truck’s 24-volt three-phase, Jungheinrich Proprietary AC-drive technology provides high torque under any load, as well as powerful acceleration, fast travel speeds and quick reversing without hesitation. And as a result of its design, the AC traction motor has no carbon brushes, brush springs or armature commutator to replace, significantly minimizing maintenance requirements on the vehicle and reducing operating costs over its life. The EKS 110 is a highly energy-efficient truck, using energy reclamation during braking. For convenience, the battery easily rolls out from the side when a change is necessary.

Optional equipment and design variations include a cold storage package, rail guidance, working and warning lights, radio data hookup, power supplies, rubber bumpers, additional controls for remote operation when picking and various operator platform widths and fork configurations.

For more information about the EKS 110 Vertical Order Picker, contact Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5601 Eastport Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23231. Call: 804-737-7400. Fax: 804-737-7467. Or, visit the website at www.jungheinrich-us.com.