Model 101

May 10, 2007
Tarpon Springs, Florida A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporations new Model 101 Pick & Place Packer/Unpacker was specifically designed with unique features

Tarpon Springs, Florida – A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation’s new Model 101 Pick & Place Packer/Unpacker was specifically designed with unique features that provide precision control and deliver superior product handling while maximizing packaging quality. This new model gives packagers the option to thinwall containers without sacrificing package performance; provides improved bottle stability for lightweight plastic containers; reduces risk of breakage when handling glass; and provides secure handling of heavy, industrial-sized containers. The Model 101 provides uncasing or case packing for cans, cartons, glass or plastic containers.

This machine offers high volume in a small package, offering a broad speed capability and a small footprint (11’-7” long) that allows easy installation on the packaging line. The new servo-operated placement head is precisely controlled by PLC for smooth, no-drop container placement ensuring maximum container integrity. Intelligent Control electronics optimize productivity with a full-color touch screen panel that allows an operator to revise production parameters, run the self-diagnostic program, or execute a changeover by simply following the on-screen commands. All production data is displayed in real time and reporting is automatic.

The newest in A-B-C’s innovative line of quality equipment offers either a mass flow infeed or controlled laners and diverters to accommodate many container feed configurations. Other quality features include a SEW Eurodrive motor for main horizontal movement, quick-change gripper assemblies, synchronized container and case conveyors, solid state proximity sensors with quick disconnect fittings, photo eyes with background suppression, all packed into the heavy gauge steel frame and enclosed by clear guard doors that combine protection with maximum visibility and immediate access.