Creform Mobile Laptop Computer Station

July 22, 2009
Creform Corp. introduces its mobile laptop computer station, which provides a secure space for the laptop and ergonomically positions the computer at a comfortable work height.

The station’s four large-diameter swivel casters ensure easy rolling and maneuverability, and two of the casters can be locked for greater safety and stability while working. The station has overall dimensions of 42-x-38-x-26 inches but is custom configurable.

Uses for the new workstation include supporting equipment maintenance and installation or training. Creform says its mobile laptop computer station is ideal for cycle counting and other inventory control activities.

The mobile workstation also features a bottom shelf on which a stool can be carried. Alternately, a seat can be built into the station. Other shelves allow paperwork and supplies to be carried and additional shelves, in the customer’s choice of material, can be added. Other useful accessories include information sheet holders, label holders, overhead light and hooks for hanging tools and supplies. Regardless of the accessories chosen, the station’s modular design allows users to configure the unit in the way that works best for them.

Creform Corp.