Breakthrough Results Prompt Somerfield to Enterprise Rollout of Voice Logistics Technology

Sept. 1, 2003
LONDON, England & PRINCETON, NJ - Somerfield plc (LONDON: SOF), the UK's biggest neighborhood supermarket company, will fund an enterprise-wide rollout

LONDON, England & PRINCETON, NJ - Somerfield plc (LONDON: SOF), the UK's biggest neighborhood supermarket company, will fund an enterprise-wide rollout of integrated Warehouse Management and Voice Logistics technology that is currently optimizing its operations at two distribution centers managed by Wincanton (LONDON: WIN). The solution combines the EXceedTM suite of inventory management products from EXE Technologies (NASDAQ: EXEE) with the VoiceLogistics® system from Voxware, Inc. (OTC: VOXW).

"The results we've had have been quite impressive, so it makes good business sense to expand the use of voice technology to all of our distribution centers," said Simon Thorogood, Logistics Strategy Manager at Somerfield. "VoiceLogistics has delivered a 60-70% reduction in picking errors and a 50% reduction in late picks. The integration of EXE and Voxware products, along with the consultative management experience of Wincanton, have enabled us to provide much higher levels of service to our stores – and therefore our customers – while at the same time reducing key cost components of the operation."

"Wincanton is a recognized leader in logistics innovation," said Sid Holian, Head of Consultancy at Wincanton. "When Somerfield approached us for new ideas to improve the productivity and accuracy of the distribution operation, they had some aggressive goals. Wincanton, through its extensive Research and Development program, had evaluated paperless picking technologies in great depth. We were able to identify the best technologies for the job, and worked with EXE and Voxware to get the system deployed. The results have been positive from day one."

"EXE is very pleased with the results of this initiative," stated Steve Smith, EXE's Managing Director for Europe. "We work closely with our clients, maximizing their operational efficiency, increasing their profitability and building brand value by sustaining and growing their customer base. Our EXceedTM Warehouse Management System was designed to make innovation in logistics operations a practical reality. Our seamless interface to the Voxware system is another proof of our commitment to add value for our customers."

"There is no doubt about the benefits that voice technology can bring to a distribution center," said Rich Cialabrini, Vice President of Global Sales for Voxware. "When you combine our VoiceLogistics solution with a leading warehouse management system like Exceed and strong logistics managers like Wincanton, it takes warehousing operations to a whole new level. We are very proud of the results that have been delivered to Somerfield."

Somerfield initially deployed the voice-directed system at Pitreavie, Scotland. Next, the solution was installed at the state-of-the-art Northwest Composite site outside Liverpool, England. Both of these sites are operated by Wincanton. In the coming months the combined EXE and Voxware system will be deployed at seven more distribution centers supporting ambient, freezer and bond areas. Over 900 users will then be using VoiceLogistics during an average day, supporting delivery to over 1200 stores.

Somerfield plc is a large retail grocer in the UK. Additional information about Somerfield plc can be obtained on the Internet at

Wincanton plc is a leading supply chain solutions company and is the third largest in Europe.

EXE Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXEE) is a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions that deliver the vital, frontline supply chain intelligence to drive customer execution decisions and processes. For more information about EXE Technologies, Inc., visit

Voxware provides voice-based technology that optimizes the front line distribution center workforce.