Oct. 17, 2007
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Accu-Sort Systems, Inc., a world leader in industrial high-speed camera-based identification solutions, today announced the launch

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Accu-Sort Systems, Inc., a world leader in industrial high-speed camera-based identification solutions, today announced the launch of the AV6010 Long Range Camera System. Designed to deliver the easiest installation, highest reliability and best performance for 1D and 2D bar code reading as well as OCR and Video Coding Applications, the AV6010 sets a new standard in the industry for a fully integrated camera-based scanning solution.

The latest addition to the Accu-Vision® product line, the AV6010 camera system will serve as the new technology platform for future Accu-Sort products, and it offers several industry firsts. The system cuts installation time an estimated 70 percent over comparable systems, by using a unique Auto Configuration Wizard and by integrating camera, illumination, decoder, and power supplies into a single unit. A unique internal network eliminates downtime caused by camera failure, and a robust design raises mean time between failure (MTBF) to an unprecedented level of reliability. What's more, the AV6010 simplifies maintenance with a novel modular design that enables plug-and-play component replacement.

Ideal for high-speed parcel sortation, the AV6010 is also suited for warehouse and distribution center applications, where previously a high-end camera-based solution may have been too complex.

Raising the Bar
"Accu-Sort cameras have always set the performance bar rather high. Our new AV6010 camera continues the tradition by providing outstanding image quality and robust performance - now also with the easiest installation and highest reliability factors in the industry for even the most demanding applications," said Maik Fuchs, product manager for Accu-Sort.

The new AV6010 camera system delivers an unprecedented 75,000 hours MTBF. Yet it only takes 10 hours to install a six-sided tunnel along with complete commissioning - a 70 percent reduction in time when compared to installations of comparable systems. Such breakthrough statistics are based on an exclusive design, one in which all components - camera, illumination, decoder, and power supplies - are integrated into one small-sized unit that comes with a single HTML user interface.

Unlike any other camera sortation system, each major component of the AV6010 is linked via an internal Ethernet network. No single camera can cause system-wide failure because its functionality can be assumed by any one of the other cameras.

Each major AV6010 component also operates as a field replaceable module. This "plug and play" design sets another industry standard: unequalled ease of maintenance and repair. Unlike traditional camera systems, there is no need to recalibrate and realign when a component fails. The AV6010's revolutionary modular design allows any component to be replaced easily and independently.

Innovation, Fully Integrated
Highlights of the all-new AV6010 camera system reveal innovations throughout:
• Exclusive embedded architecture utilizes a robust real-time operating system to eliminate potential external software glitches and hard drive failures. Three built-in CPU expansion slots offer exceptional flexibility and upgradeability.
• Simplified all-in-one networking scheme streamlines component connections, communications and operations with built-in host multiplexing messaging.
• Single Ethernet-based cable connection simplifies installation and operation, easily handling unit synchronization and data messaging with no need for external devices.
• Exclusive RangeFinder module provides exceptional package detection, ranging, and coarse location in a planar parallax system, with no moving parts and simple, minimal connections.
• Superior imaging based on standards-setting protocols: new automatic compensations for camera angle, package skew, and belt speed variation; a new optical lens design for much higher image quality than standard lenses provide; improved package profiling for smoother, more accurate focusing; and a redesigned auto focus system for better and much faster box profiling and higher reliability.
• System-wide controls and components employ intuitive designs to enhance understanding and simplify tasks - from identifying icons on connectors and color-coded Ethernet cabling to a browser-based user interface for remote configuration.
• Smart thermal management ensures ultra reliable, filter-less performance via exclusive "passive cooling channels" and isolated heat sources for an overall 50°C temperature rating.
• Exclusive Auto Calibration Wizard guides users through an easy to follow, step-by-step calibration process.

"The standard installation and commissioning time for a camera system was several days. We brought it down to hours with tools that translate the once-specialized calibration commissioning into a process so simple that anybody can do it. Our field replaceable modules can be replaced in less than 10 minutes using a screwdriver," Fuchs said.

"Our collective experience of more than 8500 installations world wide has been incorporated into this new product. At the same time, this latest addition to the AccuVision line is unique. It leverages user-friendly technologies to ensure that all of our industrial-based functionality is delivered downmarket in one fully integrated, easy-to-use, simple-to-operate-and-maintain system," he added.

For more information, call 1-800-BAR-CODE or visit the Accu-Sort website at www.AV6010.com