CHEP Announces New Technology

April 24, 2009
ORLANDO, Fla.—Not yet entering the heated controversy surrounding the pallet fire safety debate, CHEP has announced new developments in its Web-based customer portal application.

The new offerings in the CHEP Portfolio+Plus system improve the online experience for end users with a modern look and feel, says CHEP.

In addition, customers now have visibility to real-time aggregated data that improves the efficiency of online transactions and enhances the query resolution process.

CHEP adds that usability benchmark surveys show that the provider of pallet pooling services is meeting industry expectations for navigation and system performance.

“Village Farms has found the Portfolio+Plus site to be a very user-friendly site as well as a most efficient tool in the processing of our CHEP pallet transactions,” says Diane Shannon, sales administrator at Village Farms. “We find this reporting method to be quick and easy, and the reports available to us are very useful.”

Through Portfolio+Plus, customers can view and track accounts, get live confirmation of their request and review the status of their inquiries.

“The capabilities of the newest version of Portfolio+Plus allow our customers to work with both CHEP and their trading partners more efficiently and effectively. This in turn improves decision making quality and lowers costs for each participant in the supply chain,” says Carey Sealy, director of information systems at CHEP.

Visit CHEP’s Web site at for further developments.