Jan. 3, 2007
Amherst, NH (December 27, 2006)Leading the way in robotic automation, RMT Robotics and MobileRobots Inc are pleased to introduce ADAM, the self-guided

Amherst, NH (December 27, 2006)…Leading the way in robotic automation, RMT Robotics and MobileRobots Inc are pleased to introduce ADAM™, the self-guided vehicle (SGV), designed from the outset to perform complex 'mission-based' payload transport, even in the most challenging environments.

“ADAM automatically adjusts to its changing environment, without assistance from traditional support lifelines such as guide wires, reflectors, transponders or centralized guidance. Combined with RF communications, smart battery technology and opportunity charging, ADAM can literally go where no AGV has gone before,” said Bill Torrens, Director of Sales & Marketing.

“Incorporating all of the features and abilities you would expect of a light duty AGV (150kg payload), ADAM outperforms its contemporaries. By employing a revolutionary open path navigation platform (MobileRobots’ARCS inside™), the vehicle autonomously calculates its best path to destination; confidently maneuvering around both expected and unexpected obstructions as it performs its delivery mission.”

Premeditated in its design to sidestep conventional fixed path AGV technology, the ADAM solution moves beyond machine, offering a level of flexibility and dynamics that will, for the first time, allow users to seize the full potential of an automated vehicle solution.

“Already proven in the tire industry as an integral link in the production sequence, the compact robust design and ability to seamlessly adapt to and interact with its environment, makes ADAM the new, first choice of automated vehicles in virtually any industrial or commercial application,” added Torrens.

ADAM is the latest solution by RMT Robotics Ltd., a Canadian-based manufacturer and integrator providing end-to-end automation solutions to a growing list of Fortune 1000 clients. ARCS inside (Advanced Robotics Control System) is a product of MobileRobots Inc, an 11-year-old robotics company with thousands of robots sold worldwide.

Meet ADAM at ProMat!
See ADAM in action at the ProMat Show in Chicago from January 8th to 11th, 2007. Witness the capabilities of this clever robot as RMT Robotics takes you inside to see the leading-edge technology that makes ADAM the most unique AGV on the market today. See a demo or get your press kit and interviews at Booth #1568. Or to learn more about the development of this robot, read the article: ADAM's Era: A New Age of Adaptability in Automation found in Stacked, RMT Robotics’ newsletter.

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