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April 17, 2007
The Zebra Z-Slip is a Fast and Reliable Packing Slip Solution That Provides Huge Labor Savings for Shipping DepartmentsVernon Hills, Ill.Zebra Technologies

The Zebra Z-Slip is a Fast and Reliable Packing Slip Solution That Provides Huge Labor Savings for Shipping Departments
Vernon Hills, Ill.—Zebra Technologies Corporation, global leader in on-demand printing solutions for business improvement, today introduced the patent-pending Z-Slip, all-in-one packing slip solution, created for shipping departments to improve the time-consuming process of traditional labeling systems. The sleek design of the Zebra Z-Slip solution allows customers to quickly and easily print, peel and apply packing slip labels to packages ready for shipment—cutting traditional processes by up to 30 seconds per package – a 70 percent labor savings. With an average volume of 1,000 packages per day, customers can save up to 8 hours per day or one full-time person (2,000 hours) a year in labor costs.

Paired with the Zebra 170XiIIIPlus™ thermal printer, the Z-Slip packing slip solution provides a fast and reliable system that results in significant labor savings for shipping departments in warehouses, distribution centers, e-retailing and more.

“With Z-Slip, Zebra has eliminated most of the manual and time-consuming steps associated with packing slips,” said Mike Weinhammer, product manager of aftermarket, supplies and services.

The Z-Slip product was inspired by a large customer’s request for an automated packing slip solution. Collaboration between the Zebra R&D, product management and sales teams resulted in a thin and sleek packing slip solution that cuts out steps of an inefficient shipping process.

“The design of the Zebra Z-slip packing solution not only shaves off precious time during the application process, but also decreases the risk of sending a package to the wrong location,” added Weinhammer.

The Z-Slip solution saves time and costs for the recipients as well. “We found that many companies were placing the packing list inside the box because it took too long to print and apply the information to the outside of the carton,” said Weinhammer. “With the Zebra Z-Slip packing slip solution, recipients save time by being able to view both the contents of the box and where it needs to be sent without opening it. This way, it’s faster and easier to cross-dock or put into inventory.”
The Zebra Z-Slip packing slip solution is available today in North America. To learn more about the Z-Slip packing slip solution or to watch a demonstration video, please visit .

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