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Columbia Machine Palletizer

March 4, 2010
The new FL2000 floor level palletizer from Columbia Machine features strategically placed interlocked doors with Lexan (or optional mesh) panels, which allow for easy viewing and access to interior components for maintenance.

The electric row pusher is controlled by variable-frequency drive (VFD), and centering side retainers use the company’s “smart squeeze” technology. VFDs on the stripper plate and layer hoist help increase cycle rates, according to Columbia Machine.

In addition, the FL2000 features A-B SensaGuard dual circuit safety interlocks and Sick type-4 light curtains. A moveable infeed “tunnel” provides additional operator protection.

The palletizer offers multiple layout possibilities, including front, rear and side infeeds and the option of pallet dispensing and load discharge on the same side. Optional double-stacking capabilities allow double- or triple-high pallet loads to be created to conserve floor space.

Columbia Machine