New Product Spotlight

April 1, 2001


The MP-Series of brushless servo motors combine high-efficiency and high-torque to create powerful, yet small motors. They are targeted for the packaging industry, for smaller machines. Acceleration is quick because of the torque-to-

inertia ratio. The advantage is it takes less time to move loads. Various motor winding configurations are available, some of which permit the use of smaller, less-expensive drives. Rockwell Automation


Low-profile linear motor stage offers smooth motion and constant velocity in a space-saving design. Other features include high positioning accuracy and repeatability. The stage uses a brushless DC linear motor mounted to precision crossed roller stage that is 50 mm high. Bayside Motion Group


Single-phase and three-phase AC motors in NEMA 213T and 215T rolled-steel frame sizes incorporate design advances that result in a more energy-efficient motor. Operating efficiencies meet or exceed those mandated by the Energy Policy Act. Sizes include 7-1/2 and 10 horsepower, with some 5 and 3 horsepower models. Leeson Electric Corp.


AR series of servo actuators combine the servo amplifier, servo driver and controller into one unit. The self-contained electronic gear means positioning data can be set without considering the machine’s reduction gear ratio. With built-in brake control functions, there are four types of actuators. Capacity ranges from 0.4 kW to 2.5 kW. Harmonic Drive Technologies


Servo motor brakes, available in eight size groups, fit more than 250 servo motors from 15 servo motor manufacturers. The brakes offer positive stopping torque with sufficient holding force to stall a servo motor, improving operating safety. The brakes fit externally, mounting directly between the gear box and servo motor. All models are available for servo motor frame sizes from 2 to 11 inches. Nexen Group Inc.


The IMJ-31LD servo motor controller combines an all-digital 480-volt drive with DeviceNet communications and a motion controller in one, standalone package. The self-tuning drive handles applications to 478 pound-inches stall torque. This system can be placed directly on the machine it controls. Whedco, subsidiary of GE Fanuc Automation


The E Series hydraulic pump/motor assemblies are compact, offer high overall efficiency, and multiple section pump combinations. Pressures go to 4,000 psi with flexible valving and porting. The SAE 9 tooth spline shaft provides good torque transmission while eliminating tang slot wear and imposed thrust loads on pump shafts. SPX Corp.


Slotless, brushless DC motor kits need little space. The rotor and stator pairs eliminate bearing, housing and alignment problems. The winding configuration eliminates torque cogging and ripple, which also reduces noise. Sizes range from 1.3 inches in diameter to 15 inches in diameter. Speeds range from less than 1/4 revolution per hour to more than 100,000 rpm with constant torque to more than 600 ounce-inches per amp. EADmotors, Elinco Div.



The ZipNut quick-change fasteners have push-on threads that allow them to be slid into place, eliminating tedious spinning. A ratchet-like internal mechanism provides positive holding force. Once snugged by hand, final torque is applied with regular tools. Three styles are available: hex, flange and threaded insert in 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4-inch UNC thread sizes. Jergens Inc.


Multiplatform top cap for 45" x 48" totes has the durability for today’s rugged material handling systems. The injection-molded top cap has minimal bowing and deflection. Orbis


The Roto-Max work positioner line now offers a 3,500-lb-capacity model. It adjusts to the comfortable working height of both short and tall workers. It has a lowered height of 6.5" and rises to 32.5" to give workers access to the top of the product. Other capacities include 2,500- and 3,000-lb models. Lift Products


The Cushion-Comb honeycomb shock-absorbing material is made entirely from paper. Precrushed, the honeycomb cells absorb repeated shock, minimizing "road shock" to products during shipment. This material consistently produces repeatable cushioning characteristics similar to those found in plastic foam, polyethylene, polyurethane and polystyrene. In use, it’s usually oriented and adhered to a sheet of corrugated, both of which can be disposed after use. Pactiv Corp.


Line of lift trucks uses AC motors for drive, lift, lower and steering functions. AC power offers speed and acceleration capabilities that surpass DC power. In addition, AC technology offers high torque at low speeds. With regenerative braking, wear on mechanical brakes is considerably reduced. It also returns up to 15 percent energy to the battery. The hydrostatic drive eases movement up and down ramps. Steinbock


Hex700 panels have the same compression rates and performance characteristics as one-pound expanded polystyrene. This paper-based, void-fill material does not crumble, but can be recycled with other paper and paperboard products. It’s made of Kraft paper (linerboard) and water-based adhesives. Its vertical cell orientation enables the honeycomb to handle heavy loads without loss of strength. Custom sizes to 60 inches wide by 144 inches long are available for orders exceeding 20,000 board feet. Pactiv Corp


The Rugged Line I/O is for automotive production systems. It combines a rugged zinc die-cast housing with single-channel diagnostics and an IP67 protection connection for fiber optic or copper network interfaces. I/O signals are connected using M12 initiator connectors. Interbus compatible, the line features permanent monitoring, diagnosis, and control of the optical transmission path. Phoenix Contact


Trans-Positioner helps employees lift, transport and position up to 3,000 pounds at a time. It handles any type of pallet or skid. Overall height is 52.2 inches, and it comes in either a manual or electric lift and drive. It’s also available in two basic configurations: The Fork Over handles skids and pallets with no cross-bottom boards; the Straddle handles pallets and skids with either open or closed bottoms. Standard fork lengths are 42 inches for the Straddle, 45 inches for the Fork Over. Interthor Inc.


The Minit-Charger lets you charge lift truck batteries without removing them from the trucks. Charging current is three-to-four times higher than that used in conventional systems. Batteries can be charged in the factory, warehouse or manufacturing plants as there is no danger of excessive gassing. The charger can be precisely controlled to deliver the maximum charging rate for a battery. Edison



Dolphin 7400 is a Windows CE-based mobile computer with a 2D image engine. It’s available with a variety of automatic data collection and communication technologies, including 2D Image Engine, laser bar code scanners, PC-card radios, flash memory cards, touch-screen, and three keypads. The RISC processor is the 206 MHz Intel StrongARM. Base memory expands from 16 to 32 Mbytes RAM and 16 to 32 Mbytes of Flash. An integrated area imager reads all popular linear bar codes, 2D codes, OCR fonts A & B, or captures digital photos. Hand Held Products, a Welch Allyn affiliate


The CMVA 60 Version 3.81 makes it easier to collect data on vibration. The Configuration Wizard feature stores up to six user-defined preset application configurations, which users can easily recall from a pull-down menu. The Triax Accelerometer speeds measurement of horizontal, vertical and axial data typically used in route-based applications collecting large amounts of data. SKF Condition Monitoring, SKF USA Inc.


The two-cone keyless Vecobloc SCL bush lets pulleys, sprockets and couplings mount to shafts with or without a standard key. Four Allen-head machine screws draw the bush together during installation. The bush transmits power as effectively as a keyed shaft and bushing. It’s available in metric shaft diameters from 14 to 65 mm with outer diameters (pulley inner diameters) of 38.5 to 86 mm. It can be assembled on either side of a powertrain component and is designed for easy maintenance. Colmant Cuvelier


DigitaLogistix is a set of Web-centric applications that facilitate supply chain visibility and collaboration. These programs integrate with the manufacturer’s core warehouse, transportation and labor management solutions. Application modules include LENS for end-to-end supply chain visibility; Digital-Apps, a suite of role-based Web applications for collaboration; and Logistix Scorecard, a logistics analytic and decision support tool. McHugh Software International


Zoned accumulation conveyors handle heavy, bulky loads. Available in medium- and heavy-duty roller diameters, capacities range from 20 pounds to 5,000 pounds. The medium-size rollers have 1.9-inch diameters, the heavy-duty have 2.5-inch diameters. Widths are to 60 inches depending on load and roller size. When a load enters the conveyor, it is driven to the farthest unoccupied zone. The load depresses the sensor roller at the end of that zone, which disengages a clutch and readies the succeeding zone. This sequence is repeated until all zones are filled. When a load is removed, its sensor roller is released, signaling the accumulation zones to move up. TKF Inc.