Joint Product Development Integrates RFID and Bar Code Readers Into Rugged Mobile Computers

Sept. 1, 2003
CHICAGO - Savi Technology, a leading provider of real-time solutions for asset management and supply chain security, and LXE, a leading manufacturer of

CHICAGO - Savi Technology, a leading provider of real-time solutions for asset management and supply chain security, and LXE, a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers and the back-to-back winner of the Mobile Star Award(tm) for best customer service, have agreed to joint product development of a new rugged handheld data collection device that will read both active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and bar codes. This product, expected to be introduced later this year, will enable users to automatically capture, store and transmit data from RFID-tagged supply chain assets, such as ocean cargo containers, as well as their contents for real-time, multi-level visibility, inventory management and security.

This announcement was made during Frontline's International Supply Chain Week Conference and Expo, and the Auto-ID Center's inaugural EPC(tm) (Electronic Product Code) Executive Symposium EPC Expo, which are co-locating here at The McCormick Place.

LXE applies over 30 years of experience in developing fully ruggedized wireless products and solutions that are used in hundreds of ports around the world. The joint product will integrate Savi's battle-tested active RFID read/write capabilities into LXE's MX5 handheld computers. The MX5 will then instantly communicate the data it captures to the Savi SmartChain® platform via the open Universal Data Appliance Protocol (UDAP), a common language interface between automatic identification and data capture technologies and the software network.

Savi Technology has 14 years of experience designing and developing active RFID systems, including smart tags, readers and anti-intrusion sensor seals, linked with a powerful, event-based transaction software platform and workflow engine that integrates to enterprise and supply chain applications. Savi helped build the U.S. Department of Defense's Total Asset Visibility (TAV) network, the largest wireless cargo tracking system in the world, and is a key solution provider for Smart and Secure Tradelanes, an industry-driven initiative to improve the security and productivity of container transportation throughout the world's ports.

"There is clear demand in the marketplace for a product to facilitate the efficient and secure flow of inventory by automating the tracking of supply chain conveyances, especially in the intermodal community," says Jim Childress, LXE President and General Manager. "We're excited to be partnering with Savi Technology, which continues to pioneer real-time solutions in the supply chain. Our joint product will add a new level of visibility to our customer's shipments."

"The Frontline and EPC conferences, which together represent the entire spectrum of automatic identification and data capture technologies, is the perfect venue for making this important product development announcement," said Blair LaCorte, Savi's Executive Vice President of Business Development. "LXE is a proven provider of rugged mobile terminals that are used throughout the intermodal supply chain, and now we're adding the capability to interact with proven RFID systems and sensors to continue to improve the end-to-end supply chain automation and security capabilities. The result is better asset and inventory management through more accurate and timely information as well as greater access to automated security status of the goods in process and in transition.

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