Mobile Computers and WMS Boost Inventory Accuracy by More than 85%

Oct. 1, 2006
Fraenkel Co., a manufacturer and distributor of household furniture, has deployed Symbol Technologies, Inc.s mobile computers and Vormittag Associates

Fraenkel Co., a manufacturer and distributor of household furniture, has deployed Symbol Technologies, Inc.’s mobile computers and Vormittag Associates Inc.’s (VAI’s, Ronkonkoma, N.Y. ) software. In the process, it has increased inventory accuracy by 85% and streamlined warehouse operations.

Fraenkel Co. (Baton Rouge, La.) is using Symbol rugged MC9000 series mobile computers, Symbol AP-4131 access points and VAI's S2K Enterprise Edition for Manufacturing Warehouse Management Software (WMS) to improve its business operations. Fraenkel's new automated warehouse allows employees in its facilities in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi to locate specific merchandise immediately, without making customers wait for information.

"We were wasting too much time with manual inventory processes," said Donna Holten, director of information technology for Fraenkel Co. "Symbol's enterprise mobility solution replaced these manual processes, and allowed for greater employee productivity, improved inventory visibility and enhanced customer service. These improvements directly and positively impact our customers' experience as they now have immediate access to details on product availability."

The Symbol mobile computers are used to scan inventory from manufacturing through shipment -- inventory information and automated updates are provided via the wireless network to the VAI WMS system, allowing for real-time information on product availability and location.

With the solution, Fraenkel has also been able to streamline picking and loading processes through pinpoint location of merchandise. "Symbol is dedicated to helping customers like Fraenkel Co. grow and increase efficiencies to remain competitive in the global marketplace," said Kevin Prouty, senior director of Symbol's manufacturing solutions. "This solution helps Fraenkel manage their inventory and also helps to provide a noticeable improvement in customer service."

Fraenkel Co. required mobile computers that were rugged enough for their warehouse environment, but also easy to deploy and operate. With the Symbol MC9000 series rugged mobile computer, Fraenkel is able to deploy its mobile computers in 10 minutes or less, further contributing to warehouse productivity.

Source: Symbol Technologies, Inc.