California Campaign Urges Reusable Transport Packaging

July 1, 2007
The StopWaste Partnership (Oakland, Calif.), a public agency, and the Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition (RPCC, Washington, D.C.), a trade association,

The StopWaste Partnership (Oakland, Calif.), a public agency, and the Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition (RPCC, Washington, D.C.), a trade association, have launched a major campaign in Alameda County to advocate the benefits of reusable transport packaging systems to local and national businesses. The partners will not only provide information and education but will assist businesses in the actual conversion to reusables.

Reusable transport packaging has been proven to cut costs from multi-use trips through the supply chain while conserving energy and environmental resources. Businesses and organizations nationwide that have made the switch to reusable transport packaging have gained a reduction in shipping errors, better protection for goods shipped, lower waste management and packaging costs, and increased worker ergonomics and safety.

“We are thrilled to make reusable transport packaging resources available to businesses in Alameda County,” said the StopWaste Partnership Senior Program Manager Rory Bakke. “Reusable transport packaging is an effective way for companies to have a positive impact on the environment while also supporting their bottom line.”

Through its partnership with the RPCC, the StopWaste Partnership is offering free assistance to Alameda County businesses and organizations interested in switching from single and limited use packaging to reusable transport packaging, which conserves natural resources while cutting company costs. The website – – provides useful information to all businesses about the benefits of reusable transport packaging.

“The RPCC has been an incredibly valuable resource for us,” Bakke said. “Using their past successes as a blueprint, we are able to easily introduce the reusable packaging concept and its many benefits to the Alameda County business community.”

“Reusables are gaining momentum in this country because of the proven economic and environmental benefits they offer. Reusable systems are the leading-edge enhancement to supply chains,” said Jeanie Johnson, RPCC executive director. “We applaud StopWaste for its visionary leadership. And we anticipate that Alameda County will become a model for other municipalities to follow in the future.”

The StopWaste Partnership is a free technical assistance service dedicated to improving the environmental performance and reducing costs of Alameda County businesses and public agencies. The program provides expert support and funding to prevent waste, conserve water and energy and use all resources more efficiently.

The Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition (RPCC) is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, poolers, distributors, retailers, educators, and others involved in the reusable transport packaging industry. The Coalition advocates the use or integration of reusable pallets and containers - regardless of material - in North American transport packaging systems because of the economic, environmental, and safety benefits created by re-use.