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March 13, 2007
Leveler offers better environmental control over loading dock for improved productivity, safety and security MILWAUKEE, Wis. Rite-Hite Corporation has

Leveler offers better environmental control over loading dock for improved productivity, safety and security

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Rite-Hite Corporation has redesigned its RHV-4000 Vertical Storing Hydraulic Dock Leveler to minimize the potential for chronic personnel injuries and product and equipment damage at the loading dock resulting from dock shock. The RHV is specifically engineered to provide the smoothest transition from the warehouse floor to the trailer bed. Additionally, the RHV helps maintain environmental control and increase security at the loading dock, and contributes to improved productivity and safety.

Dock shock describes jarring that occurs when a forklift crosses between the warehouse floor and the trailer bed due to the bumps and gaps that exist on traditional vertical-storing levelers. Dock shock is a source of vibration, which is known to pose a serious health safety risk. To minimize dock shock, the RHV features a constant-radius rear hinge to create a smooth transition between the leveler and the warehouse floor, while a two-point crown control on the front lip hinge distributes the load evenly, smoothes out the transition between the leveler and the trailer bed and extends the hinge life.

The RHV is also engineered for better environmental control and secure working conditions. The leveler allows the overhead dock doors to close down to the pit floor, which provides more control over humidity and temperature at the dock. The tight seal also prevents dust, insects and rodents from entering the facility, while also minimizing entry points when the dock is not in use for added security.

For added safety, the RHV is a power-up/power-down unit that requires constant pressure on the controls to keep the operator in control of leveler movement. Removing pressure from the “raise” or “lower” buttons immediately stops movement of the leveler. The lip can also be extended or retracted at any time during the leveler cycle.

Because the RHV stores vertically, it allows for easy, routine pit cleaning or full wash-down. Additionally, it acts as a visual pit barrier, helping prevent potentially dangerous loading dock accidents.

Rite-Hite also offers a “Drive-Thru Application” that can be customized to specific applications. The Drive-Thru Application allows the truck to back up to the loading dock with its doors closed. The truck driver does not need to get out of the cab. The operator inside the facility opens the overhead door and then opens the trailer doors inside of the building. The RHV is then lowered into position in the trailer. This speeds trailer loading/unloading and provides an additional level of security, as well as an extra measure of climate control that helps maintain an uninterrupted cold chain.

The RHV is part of a total integrated solution that improves safety, productivity and environmental control. The integrated solution includes Dok-Lok® vehicle restraints and Frommelt® dock seals and shelters, as well as the Dok-Commander® combination control panel. Additionally, it includes the Frommelt VHLS under-leveler seal, which provides a tight seal against the pit floor for additional energy savings and pit cleanliness. Additional RHV features include:

· Continuous pit or T-style pit configurations
· Tilt-back control that allows the leveler to store over-center, reducing pressure on the hydraulic system
· A mechanical counterbalance valve that allows the leveler to float when positioned in the trailer
· No pull chains or mechanical locks
· A barrier that is created when the leveler is stored helps protect against overhead door damage
· Environmentally friendly biodegradable hydraulic fluid

The RHV, part of the Smooth Transition Dok SystemTM along with the STR-4000 Dok-Lok® Vehicle Restraint, is designed to deliver the smoothest ride possible for a forklift operator while traveling between the facility floor and the trailer bed. The STR-4000 stabilizes the rear of the trailer during the loading and unloading process to help protect against trailer drop, reducing forklift operator chronic injuries and accidents and product and equipment damage.

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