Remote Data Management

Jan. 7, 2008
Remote Data Management Helps Managers Keep Tabs on Equipment, Other Assets DALLAS - ShockWatch, a global leader in developing and manufacturing damage

Remote Data Management Helps Managers Keep Tabs on Equipment, Other Assets

DALLAS - ShockWatch, a global leader in developing and manufacturing damage prevention products, recognized that warehouses and loading docks around the globe have a problem. Because warehouse and safety managers divide their time between a host of different tasks, they just can’t spend the kind of focused time on asset management that is required. As a result, ShockWatch has just launched its Remote Data Management (RDM) service that administers and delivers critical asset information to warehouse and safety managers when attention is warranted. For those individuals who constantly juggle responsibilities, the RDM service alleviates much of the daily pressure and only alerts management on issues that demand action.

The service, which is the first of its kind, provides secure Web-based access to information transmitted by ShockWatch’s ImpactManager™ RF and EquipManager™ Equipment Monitors. These wireless Equipment Monitors track the activity of each asset, such as a forklift or other motorized equipment, and create time-sensitive reports on maintenance, impacts and other user errors. Using these ShockWatch products, the RDM service provides real-time reports via text message, e-mail, Internet or other alternative methods.

“Since the equipment and safety managers have a full agenda, ShockWatch’s RDM service can help notify managers about improper equipment use and other important issues without having to sift through less urgent events in a long report,” said R.C. Greenberg, equipment monitors product manager at ShockWatch. “With more than 30 years in damage prevention, our job at ShockWatch has been finding ways to keep your products and assets safe. The RDM service enables us to provide a helping hand, so warehouse and safety managers are able to concentrate on doing their jobs more efficiently.”

The RDM service is extremely affordable. Customers won’t have to purchase software; all software patches and updates are free and immediate; and customers can lock in RDM service prices for up to three years. ShockWatch technicians offer complete support to the customers – from initial setup to continual data maintenance – giving customers immediate and long-term improvements in safety and damage reduction. Technicians can log on to the software, detect potential problems and make adjustments to the database and Equipment Monitors without an onsite visit, resulting in shorter downtime.

In addition, the RDM service holds machine operators responsible. For workers trying to bypass the system by shutting off the ShockWatch Equipment Monitors, the RDM service notifies management that the monitor has been disconnected and should be investigated.

“When choosing the RDM service, in effect, you’ve just hired an attentive employee who doesn’t take breaks, works long hours and gives you honest answers whenever you need them,” Greenberg said. “This is a very affordable service with the ability to increase productivity with its implementation. The RDM service will be a welcome addition at any warehouse or loading dock.”

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