July 16, 2007
Boulder, CO InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, announces the InfoPrint 4247-L03. This new mid-range impact printer compliments

Boulder, CO – InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, announces the InfoPrint 4247-L03. This new mid-range impact printer compliments our existing higher speed models by delivering a lower price point, along with support for integrated Ethernet 10/100BaseT, wide format printing and the power of remote printer management. It is designed to enable customers to easily replace older equipment and realize the benefit of minimizing operating expense and maximizing reliability.

The InfoPrint 4247-L03 is the latest addition to the line of impact printers from InfoPrint Solutions Company. InfoPrint Solutions Company offers many rugged, heavy duty impact and thermal printers designed with the office-to-warehouse environment in mind.

This announcement follows quickly on the heels of the announcement of InfoPrint Solutions Company on June 4, 2007. InfoPrint Solutions Company is a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, combining IBM's former Printing Systems Division with an ongoing investment in technology development and innovation from Ricoh, the digital office equipment leader.

"Today, customers requiring less print volume, while demanding best of class dependability, ease of use, and remote management capability need not to search any further“ said Gary Borgese, Director, WW Industrial Printer Solutions at InfoPrint Solutions Company. “This announcement demonstrates just how the new InfoPrint Solutions Company will drive the print market forward with new investments across all products.

Delivering low cost, dependable output – from the office to the warehouse
A low cost alternative to laser, the InfoPrint 4247-L03 is designed to not only print reliably on a wide variety of media, including wide format, multi-part and labels, but to do so in a wide variety of environments – whether climate controlled, or environmentally unpredictable. Where multiple applications are to be produced at a single location, the optional front feed forms path enables ease of loading and a straight through forms path design for maximum feeding reliability.

When configured with the integrated ethernet interface, the powerful Remote Printer Management Utility can be used to easily monitor real-time status for all printers on the network, or even configure multiple printers simultaneously. If attention is needed, the InfoPrint 4247-L03 can proactively send an alert to the appropriate operator(s), thereby minimizing down time as much as possible. In addition, a virtual operator panel delivers 100% full function access via a remote PC.

The printer’s high function operator panel features a multi-lingual LCD display, along with intuitive controls and easy to read menus so that staff throughout business operations can use the unit easily and quickly, thereby maximizing user efficiency and streamlining operations.

Technical specifications
The InfoPrint 4247-L03 is a 24-pin serial impact printer designed to meet low to mid volume output requirements for transaction and batch applications. The heavy-duty construction, ultra high-yield printhead, and leading edge remote management capabilities make this offering an outstanding value for the money.

The InfoPrint 4247-L03 prints up to 600 characters per second (cps)1 while supporting up to 8-part forms on primary and secondary paper paths. In order to deliver the most flexibility between performance and print quality, three additional print quality modes are available at the following performance levels: Best Draft mode prints up to 400 cps at 10 cpi, NLQ mode up to 262 cps at 10 cpi, and LQ mode up to 133 cps at 10 cpi.

Other functionality includes auto forms loading, auto thickness adjustment, auto paper path switching, auto eject & restore and storage capacity for up to four custom configurations.

The general availability date for the InfoPrint 4247-L03 is July 6th, 2007 in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Pricing starts at $2030 for the base configuration.

Please visit www.infoprint.com for more information.