Manufacturers Report Ironic Shortage of Skilled Workers

Nov. 18, 2009
Manufacturers are struggling to find skilled workers, even as the unemployment rate rises above 10% and more applicants apply for fewer jobs, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte Consulting, The Manufacturing Institute and Oracle.

Nearly one-third of companies say they are having trouble finding skilled production workers, scientists and engineers. In addition, respondents report dissatisfaction with the skills of cur­rent employees. Nearly half say they regularly encounter problems with attendance, timeliness and work ethic. Inadequate problem-solving skills are noted by 46% of respondents, and 36% say current employees have insufficient reading, writing and communication skills.

The report, “People and Profitability—A Time for Change: A 2009 People Management Practices Survey of The Manufacturing Industry,” reveals an ongoing talent challenge facing manufacturing organizations and stresses the need for companies to develop new recruiting and retention strategies.