Feb. 23, 2007
Datalogic is pleased to present its new Dragon family of industrial readers, which respond to the market's request for performance and reliability without

Datalogic is pleased to present its new Dragon family of industrial readers, which respond to the market's request for performance and reliability without compromise even in the most demanding and toughest industrial applications.

Hebron, KY - Datalogic presents the new family of industrial readers Dragon(TM), the best solution even in the most demanding and toughest industrial applications. Flexible and easy to install, intuitive and ergonomic to use, reliable and accurate in the long-term for all industrial applications, the new Dragon(TM) from Datalogic is suitable for warehouse management and for industrial application like shop-floor and work-in-progress. Designed to withstand even the toughest environmental conditions while maintaining its outstanding reading performance and reliability, the renewed Dragon(TM) family meets the market request of performance and reliability without compromise.

Operator comfort and productivity, essential in any scan-intensive application, is facilitated by the ergonomic handle and the well-balanced weight. The successful and patented Datalogic "Green Spot" has been implemented inside the new Dragon(TM) with renewed optics to make the spot brighter and well visible up to 80/90 cm giving "good read" feedback to the user directly on the code. Furthermore two "good read LED" have been placed on the gun (Datalogic Patent): in this way, the "good read LED" is easily visible in any condition and under any possible angle, speeding up operator activity.

Dragon(TM)'s superior reading performance, further strengthened by the patented Puzzle Solver Technology(TM), allow fast and accurate reading of all standard symbologies and barcodes from low to very high resolution, poorly printed or damaged, frequently recurring in the industrial environment. Datalogic's Dragon(TM) is suitable for the most demanding and toughest industrial applications.

The rugged mechanics have been developed and tested to withstand even extreme shock conditions, while reading performance and accuracy remain unchanged in the long term. The Dragon has a rating of IP64, meaning it is totally protected against dust and water.

Operators requiring mobility in the manufacturing plant as well as in the warehouse or distribution center can benefit from the versatility of the mobile models: the Datalogic Star Cordless System(TM) represents the key to increase productivity and flexibility in the working area. Datalogic's radio system's flexibility and modularity
satisfy all application requirements, from a simple point-to-point connection to the creation of a receiver network that covers a vast area with hundreds of operators that can move freely thanks to the automatic roaming function.

All the Dragon(TM) family's components are featured with a built-in multi-interface including RS232, Wedge, Wand and USB all in one and shares the same set of cables with the other Datalogic hand held readers. This assures maximum flexibility and investment protection.

The set of accessories include a single and multiple battery charger (four slots), holder and stand, offering the opportunity to set-up the working area in the most useful and practical way.

Datalogic is one of the world's largest manufacturers of CCD and laser-based bar code readers and mobile computers. The vast range of Datalogic products includes both manual readers and fixed industrial scanners that can satisfy any application need, particularly in the manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and distribution and retail industries. With their advanced technology, intelligent design, and solid reliability, Datalogic products have been setting the industry standard for over 30 years. Datalogic is present in the promising RFID market via its subsidiary EMS Inc. (Scotts Valley California) with a leading position in the automotive sector, electronic manufacturers and warehouse management systems (WMS). In addition, with the recent acquisition of Laservall, the Group has entered the laser marking sector, which features extensive applications and outstanding growth prospects.

Datalogic is quoted on the Milan Stock Exchange, and in 2006 produced revenues of $495 million (up 86% from 2005). It employs approximately 1800 staff world-wide and has its headquarters close to Bologna, Italy.

Through its direct subsidiaries and Partner network, Datalogic is able to serve its customers world-wide guaranteeing the highest level of support. Datalogic, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Datalogic and is located in Hebron, Kentucky.

For further information:
Datalogic, Inc., Joscelyn Herzberg - 800-849-5358, e-mail: [email protected], www.datalogic.com